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On Labor Day Monday, there was satisfaction with the win after Ole Miss defeated Boise State. But there was a sense of even more of that today after the Rebels’ win against Vanderbilt.

Ole Miss beat Boise State 35-13 and followed that up with a Southeastern Conference 41-3 win over the Commodores. At 2-0 overall and 1-0 in SEC play, Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze said there’s still improvement to be made.

“After watching the film I'm excited about a lot of things,” Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze said. “But there are still a lot of things to improve on to compete in this conference. We’re excited to be 2-0 and 1-0 in this conference. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves.”

Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace played a complete game Saturday, and Freeze took notice.

“Bo had one of the best games since he's been here,” Freeze said. “He made very, very few mistakes.”

But there was more as Ole Miss scored early and often, and only a lte field goal by Vandy prevented a shutout for Ole Miss.

“The receivers played well. We were able to run the ball. We made improvement there. We had some penalties that hurt us.

“Defensively we could have fit some runs better early on and we got that fixed. We were very good on third down on both sides of the ball, and that was very encouraging. The defense set the tone to start the second half. I asked them to get a stop. They did better than that.”

Freeze felt the Rebels played from start to finish, and that is what he wants to see each week.

“It was exciting to see us finish the game,” he said. “In our first two years we might come out after the half and slop through it. This game did not go that way. The subs came in and played well.

“I’m very happy Cliff (Coleman) got to experience the pick six. Probably when I first got here there was no way I would have thought he would make it with us. He’s really turned into one of my favorite kids that I enjoy coaching.”

Next up is Louisiana Lafayette. Freeze is familiar with the Ragin’ Cajuns, and he knows they will be ready.

However last Saturday they stumbled and fell to Louisiana Tech 48-20 after beating Southern (Baton Rouge) 45-6 in the season opener.

“We have a big game with Lafayette in our home opener,” Freeze said. “The bullseye will be on our chest this with the group from Lafayette. We expect to get their best shot and we have to be prepared for it.”

Freeze is pleased the Rebels will be playing at home finally after two straight on the road at NFL stadiums.

“It’s always great to play here in front of our fans,” he said. “I know they'll show up and be very supportive.”

More From Freeze

* On Ryan Buchanan: “I thought he looked very, very comfortable, not rattled at all for his first game, an SEC game. Some things that don’t come natural appeared to come natural to him. We called two runs, and he sees he’s got the outside screens and pull up and throws them like he’s been doing for weeks. He really seemed composed.”

* On Eugene Brazley: “I thought he made some really nice cuts on the run game.”

* On Rod Taylor: “He played physical and fast and is an athletic kid.”

* On Quincy Adeboyjo: “I’m really pleased. He’s catching it well. One of the best plays in the game the other day was the little stop route he had on the sideline, Ryan threw it to him in the corner, and he broke on it. It could easily have been a pick if the receiver doesn’t work hard to beat it back to it. Quincy did exactly that. He’s been very consistent in the first two games.”

* On Christian Morris: “He's not ready today, but the peddle will be pressed all the way to the floorboard to get him ready to back up both left and right tackle.”

* On the offensive line: “We were just trying to get better at what we do. I’ll say this again, week one we did not prepare our kids properly for what they were going to see. So I don't judge our offensive line on what happened against Boise. They were prepared this week, and there was some good and some bad. It was a lot better up front, and Vanderbilt has a good defensive line.”

* On Louisiana-Lafayette: “I'm very familiar with them having coached in that conference with them. They have good talent and are very balanced. They do a lot of the same stuff we do. They should give our defense a good look. They're a good football team, no question. They didn't play their best Saturday. They turned it over some. We’ll get their best. From being in that conference, I know how it is for those kids to get a chance to go play in these arenas and in these games. Mark (Hudspeth) will have them ready, and it will be a good game.”

* On red zone offense : “We'll mix it up all year. We'll come up with a package of the week. I’m my own worst critic, and I don't think I would change but one call from Saturday. We’ve got to continue to make sure we’re asking our kids to do what they can do. And schematically we’ve got to come up with a good plan. We've got to coach better and make sure our kids understand how to do it. But it will always be a mixture.”

* On Devante Kincade: “He was about 50-50. He’s a freshman and hadn't played in a game before. He came in in one of our packages and rips a ball out there to Quincy on a quick screen for an eight-yard gain and looked like a million bucks doing it. He just needs some time to get more comfortable.”

* On Ryan Buchanan’s athleticism and running ability: “He can run decent enough. He’s a better athlete than people give him credit for. We’re not gung-ho on just running the quarterback all the time anyway. There’s times for it. Ryan saw the opportunity on some of our read stuff and turned it into very positive plays. He’s adequate as a runner for what we want to do.”

* On injuries: “We lost Matt Brown for about six weeks. He fractured his fibula. That's the only injury we had.”

* On Collins Moore and Sammie Epps: “Collins probably won’t be back this week. We’ll probably give him this week, and then we have the open week. Sammie Epps’s punishment is over. I hope we can redshirt him. He’s doing really, really well.”

* On Evan Engram: “I’d like to continue to do with him what we did with him Saturday. I see him every day. He's such a talented kid and what a great kid he is. He's a tough matchup and a solid player. I'm excited about his play.”

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