No Major Complaints

Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack and Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner had little to complain about in the Rebs' 56-15 win over ULL. It was another taking-care-of-business win for Ole Miss as the meat of the schedule looms.

Werner liked what his senior quarterback, Bo Wallace did and the big-play ability the Rebel offense exhibited.

"Bo made real good decisions again today. That's 2 1/2 games without any issues," said Dan. "Knock on wood, he just keeps getting better and better."

Even thought Wallace threw one interception, Werner said it wasn't his fault and wanted to concentrate more on the 23-28 for 316 yards and 4 TD passing day in 2 1/2 quarters of action.

"He even made the right decision on the interception he threw," Dan stated. "The receiver didn't react correctly, so we can correct that. ULL was covering the underneath stuff, so we took some shots and it softened them up and opened things up underneath."

The run game produced 214 yards on 35 carries,but those figures are a little deceiving, Werner surmised.

"127 of those yards came on two TD runs by Jaylen Walton and I'tavius Mathers. While I am pleased with the big-play capabilities in the run game, I would like to see us more consistent on first downs and when we run between the tackles," he said. "We have had too many runs for no gain or a loss or a short gain.

"We have to get more consistent because second-and-long does not play well against SEC defenses. We have a goal of four yards on first down. We have not made that goal when we have run on first down enough."

Werner does admit, though, that defenses are forcing the Rebels to throw by crowding the box and that has been a part of the inconsistencies with the run game.

"So far, everyone has stacked the box against us. Sometimes that makes your run game look bad, but it opens up the passing game," he added. "It is also very hard to complain when we had another game with 550 yards or total offense and put up the points we did.

"I just know that when the competition gets stiffer, we have got to be more consistent. Also, we didn't give up a sack today, so that's a plus as well."

Werner, like all Rebels, is pleased with the plethora of playmakers the Rebels are displaying so far.

"If I am Bo, I am pretty excited right now with the options he has to throw to and hand off to," noted Werner. "If they double one guy, that opens someone up and he makes a play. Last week, it was Evan Engram and Cody Core. This week, it was Vincent Sanders (8 catches, 125 yards, 2 TDs) with a big night. They left him with single coverage and he made them pay.

"We've got guys who can go get the ball. Cody made a terrific catch in the end zone, for instance. He just wouldn't be denied. Defenses keep doubling Laquon (Treadwell) and we keep making them pay with other receivers. I was really glad to see Markell Pack get three catches tonight and Quincy (Adeboyejo) had another solid night. Ironically, Engram didn't catch a pass, but it was because of what ULL was doing defensively. We are going to take what defenses give us and Bo is making all the right decisions right now to allow us to do that."

Wommack didn't have much to fuss about either.

"We had three interceptions and a fumble recovery, so I like what we continue to do in hawking the ball," Dave began. "I also like how we stiffen up in the Red Zone. I don't think the first team defense has given up a touchdown yet.

"And it is also real good to see us get a defensive score on Senquez Golson's pick six. He made a great play on that ball and took it to the house. Great play."

Wommack had a lot of respect for the ULL offense going into the game because he goes against the same type of offense every day in practice and because ULL has a senior quarterback and two pretty good running backs.

"They run enough option to make them a tricky offense, like our offense," he continued. "I figured we would have a few bad fits on some plays and we did, but overall I felt we handled things very well, especially when you add the turnovers to the equation."

His disappointment on the night?

"They ran the ball better than I had hoped. They hurt us on some option things for a while and they hit the one big run early in the game when our safety didn't fit it properly," he stated. "On the other hand, it was so good to be able to play all the backups. The more we can do that, the better we will be down the road."

When the bench is emptied, the obvious question is who of the backups caught his eye?

"A.J. Moore was tied for the team lead with 6 tackles. I thought DeMarquis Gates played well in the middle and Marquis Haynes keeps making plays when he has the opportunity," Wommack added. "C.J. Hampton is really physical, but he has to work on his fits more. He'll get it, as they all will. The more reps they get, the better they will get. It's a process."

Dave called Golson's pick six.

"I want credit," he joked. "I told Senquez earlier in the week he was going to get a pick six. I am very happy for him. When he jumped it, I knew he was gone. At times we were a little flat, but that play helped us pick things up.

"Senquez has matured on and off the field. Prior to this year, I thought he had a bit of a lazy streak in practice, but he and Jason Jones have had some talks and the young man has matured into a man and a very good football player."

Wommack's assessment through three games?

"We have things to improve on, absolutely, but they are things we can correct and clean up," he closed. "I like the turnovers we are getting. I like our pass rush.Even though we didn't get a sack today, we caused a lot of bad throws with our pressure.

"We have some kids who want to get better. We have kids who want the ball. We have kids who want to be, and are, physical. We just have to keep working and getting the little things right."

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