Shuffling The Deck

Senior Wide Receiver Vincent Sanders and sophomore Slot Receiver Quincy Adeboyejo know the burden of the WR unit just got more difficult, but they feel they can step up to the challenge.

"We are missing Laquon (Treadwell)," said sophomore Slot Receiver Quincy Adeboyejo, "but we are filling in the gap the best we can."

Quincy and senior Wide Receiver Vincent Sanders met with the media Tuesday after practice and the them, naturally, centered around 'life' without Treadwell, a huge piece of the Rebel offense.

If you have been on planet Earth since Saturday night, you know Treadwell broke his foot going in for most likely the winning score against Auburn and will miss the rest of the season with "3-4 months" of rehab.

And while Rebel Nation continues to lament his loss, the Rebels are tasked with overcoming it. Two of the primary beneficiaries of that chore at Vincent and Quincy.

"I will play primarily in the slot now and Cody (Core), who has been in the slot, will move out to Laquon's spot out wide," Adeboyejo stated. "We all have to step up."

For a refresher course, this should not be a major shuffling. If you recall, Core spent all of spring and some of August backing up Treadwell out wide before being moved inside before the season started. Quincy played all of spring training as the number one slot receiver.

Quincy believes the wide receiver room will be motivated for Laquon and for the benefit of the team.

"Laquon will be pulling for us as hard as he can - he's already shooting me texts all the time," said Adeboyejo. "I want to do it for him and do it for the team. We have to do whatever we can to keep this offense rolling."

Through nine games, Treadwell led the team with 48 catches for 632 yards and five touchdowns. He was coming off his most productive game of the year with 10 snags for over 100 yards and a score against the #3 team in the country.

Meanwhile, Quincy has 13 receptions for 185 yards and two scores.

"I feel I have come a long way since August. Whenever my number is called, I just do whatever I can to go out there and make a play," he stated. "I will continue to do that, but I have to tell you, it's been weird not having Quon out there with us.

"Even in the meeting room. He was the guy who was always vocal and loud and keeping us going. He's such a positive guy, but we can still feed off of that. He will be with us, just not playing."

Adeboyejo feels like everyone in the wide receiver room can make plays and keep the train rolling.

"We all can make plays. We can run screens, we can go deep, we can do whatever is necessary," he noted. "We just have to focus and get ourselves ready. Like this week - our opponent is Presbyterian College, but we are going to practice and prepare like we are playing Auburn or LSU.

"Great teams better themselves every day in every aspect."

Sanders, who has 33 catches for 536 yards and four TDs thus far, believes the Rebels will carry on, but with a caveat.

"I'm curious to see how opposing defenses try to defend us now because Laquon got a lot of attention from them and freed the rest of us a lot," said the elder statesman in the WR room. "Quincy, Cody, Markell (Pack) and I have to get used to getting more defensive attention on game day.

"They (defenses) usually have a corner and a safety watching him and that gives us more opportunities to make more plays. That won't be the case as much now, so we have to adjust."

Vincent spoke up in Sunday's team meeting, something rare for the usually quiet senior.

"I just said we have to keep working hard. We are still on the journey. Laquon going down, as much as we hate it, doesn't derail us from that journey," he recalled. "We have to keep moving forward for the rest of this year and to set the stage for next year and the years to come.

"If we win out, we will be 10-2 and in line for some big things, but we have to keep pushing."

Sanders said he will simply play his game.

"I'm not going to go out there and change a lot of things," he continued. "I'm not going to try to do anything spectacular. I'm just going to continue doing what I've been doing. All our receivers can make plays and we will make plays, it's just going to be different."

After all is said and done, the remaining healthy receivers have a job to do.

From the sound of things, even without Treadwell, they intend to do just that.

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