As Anticipated

It was no surprise the Ole Miss Rebels defeated Presbyterian College 48-0 at The Vaught Saturday. It was a mismatch, expected and anticipated, but the coordinators were pleased nonetheless.

"We did what we wanted to do," said Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner, whose side of the ball rolled up 640 yards of total offense, including 402 yards rushing.

Dan believed all week long the Rebel backups would get ample opportunity to show their wares, but he wasn't completely sure how they would perform. He was pleased.

"Usually in that situation, using quarterbacks who haven't played much and offensive linemen who haven't got much experience, you look sloppy, but I thought our QBs looked under control and in command and I thought our backup OL did a nice job, all things considered," said Werner. "They didn't have any turnovers and no penalties and there were no poor decisions. I was very proud of both of them.

"No, we weren't playing an SEC defense, but we weren't playing against air either. We still had to execute and I thought we did."

The Rebel offense continued to show their big-play capabilities with four TDs over 60 yards each and another 50-yard run by Jordan Wilkins early in the game.

"We have to keep that quick-strike mentality going," said Werner. "It was good to see some of those on the ground as well. I was real impressed with Mark Dodson's two TD runs and with Jordan Wilkins' touchdown run of 73 yards.

"We wanted to see those guys more and they showed out. They made good steps and reads. On one of Mark's runs, he set it up beautifully, cut and went to the house. Jordan was getting hit and getting 15-20 more yards, which is what we wanted to see because that's the type of back we envision him to be."

Derrick Jones, who moved to wide receiver after Laquon Treadwell went down to injury last week, had five catches for 55 yards and a score.

"He's learning. We know he can make plays athletically, he just has more to learn. We have receivers who can make plays and now we have one more," Werner noted. "From top to bottom, I thought our young guys came in and executed well, Derrick being one of them."

Defensively, DC Dave Wommack was happy with the shutout.

"It took 10 games," he chuckled, "but we finally got one. Those things are harder to come by than people think, but I was proud we finally put a goose egg on the board.

"We got to play a lot of people and that is so pleasing to me as a coach. They work so hard every week and get little Saturday reward, but today they got a shot and I thought they all did well. Our team needed a game like this."

Defensive play is harder to evaluate without film study, but Wommack gave a couple of kudos out.

"I thought A.J. Moore did a nice job at Husky and I saw DeMarquis Gates flash a few times - I think he is going to be special," Wommack noted. "I'm also awfully excited about Kendarius (Webster) at corner. He press covered one time on third and 12, but that was our fault for not communicating better with him. He's another one I think is going to be special. He's learning daily and getting better and better."

Wommack has been a little concerned with the accumulated bumps and bruises the Rebels have, but this week should help coupled with the open week coming up.

"Cody (Prewitt) has really struggled with his ribs the past two weeks, but now he should be a lot better after the open week. He's so tough, I knew he was going to ask to play some today, but the open week will help him," said Dave. "Getting Trae (Elston) back from his concussion will help and just the general healing of all the guys who have nicks and bruises, which there are several.

"That was a really physical stretch we just went through and we need the rest and we needed a game like today. We actually needed an open week after the LSU game, but we didn't have that luxury."

Overall, however, Wommack feels the Rebel defense has been pretty fortunate overall.

"Other than Denzel Nkemdiche being out for the year, we have been lucky during the season not to have lost anyone else to injury," he closed. "People don't realize how much it changes your team chemistry when you lose players, but fortunately we have avoided a lot of that so far, knock on wood."

As expected, the Rebels had little trouble with Presbyterian College.

And that's exactly what the team needed moving forward.

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