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Arkansas has the biggest offensive line in college football, averaging roughly 330 pounds per man. Ole Miss' starting defensive line averages in the 265 range. For DE Fadol Brown, it's all just a number.

The Ole Miss Rebel starting defensive line will be giving up nearly 60 pounds a man versus Arkansas' starting offensive line, the largest in the nation.

When asked about the size difference, Rebel Defensive End Fadol Brown showed no concern.

"We don't look at size. You look at guys like Issac Gross and C.J. Johnson, who aren't real big comparatively, and they have been holding their own since they were freshmen in this league," said Brown, who tips the scale at 280 pounds. "I think our athleticism and movement, quickness, makes up for the size difference."

Make no mistake, however, Brown has a lot of respect for the Hog OL and their persistent run attack that averages 230-plus yards an outing.

"I think their run game is the best we have faced this year," Fadol, who has 25 tackles on the year, continued. "They come with it every single game and they are consistent with it. You know what you are going to get when you play them.

"They pound it constantly and never let up. They try to wear you down and knock you out of your gaps."

The Razorbacks feature two premier backs in Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, who each have over 800 yards rushing this year. They are one of two teams in the country with that distinction.

"They are two very good backs, some of the best we have seen all year. They both run hard and have good quickness. They are patient and wait for things to develop," he assessed.

Brown said the Rebel defensive front believes the upcoming skirmish will be on them.

"The LSU game was on us. This one will be too. If we don't dominate up front, we don't have a chance," he stated. "We've been getting good looks from our scout team, so we will know what to do. It's just a matter of getting it done."

In the last two SEC games - losses to LSU and Auburn - the Rebel defense was gashed for over 250 yards rushing by both opponents.

"We have to do a better job than we did against both of them. It seemed like everyone was trying to make the big play instead of keeping gap discipline. That's on us, the linebackers and the DBs. The whole defense has to be disciplined and stay in our gaps," Brown, who has 3.5 tackles for loss, noted. "We broke down some in the last two SEC games, but we have worked hard on correcting that since."

Brown said the Rebels got a shot in the arm over the events of last weekend - State losing to Alabama and Georgia beating Auburn.

"We control our own destiny. We realize that, so we have to come with it," he added. "We'll see what happens Saturday."

According to Fadol, the team - despite those two losses - believed they would get back in the hunt for bigger things.

"Coach (Hugh) Freeze told us all along that this was a crazy league and crazy things happen this time of year," Fadol relayed. "He told us not to worry about it, that good things would happen and we'd be right back in it.

The Ole Miss-Arkansas game, because it's next and because the Rebs have to win to stay "in the hunt," grabs the current title of "biggest game of the year."

The Rebs' size on defense will be tested.

The size of the body and the size of the heart.

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