From the Locker Room

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - The Rebels had a few things to say after the 30-0 loss to Arkansas. Here’s a sampling.

D.T. Shackelford:

* On the game: “Very frustrating. It’s a team game. I just felt like defensively, offensively, special teams, we just didn’t show up like we should have against a very good Arkansas team.”

* On the week’s preparation: “The head coach usually has some sense of awareness on those things. But as a leader you try to keep your eye open to things. Some of the things that do happen you say well maybe. I just think we didn’t get it done. I don’t know what else to say.”

* On the Egg Bowl: “It’s State. I feel like if you can’t get up for that one you probably don’t need to be playing. It’s the Egg Bowl. It’s Senior Day. I feel if I have to motivate some people to play next week, they probably shouldn’t be playing. You have some younger guys that probably don’t understand the magnitude of this rivalry, this game. You want the team to have that sense of awareness that we need to be prepared on all cylinders."

* On the dreams of an SEC West title and the national playoffs being over: “It’s tough man, it’s tough. We still were well within the hunt. My hat’s off to Arkansas. They have a very good team.”

Ryan Buchanan

* On the loss: “It’s tough. You want to win every game. We’ve put a lot into this, so it’s going to hurt. We’ll have to bounce back. It’s life in the SEC.”

* On his performance: “I came in when Bo went out and I think I played a little too timid. I tried to throw it away very fast instead of trying to make a play when we were backed up in our own territory. A little later on, I hate I ended with an interception. I can play better. I didn’t have my best outing. I have to improve.”

Evan Engram

* On some of their goals being out of reach now: “It’s tough knowing what was in our grasp. This is tough. We wanted to win out and play our best football, and then see what happened. This is definitely tough. But we have a great opportunity next week against a good football team in State and get the Egg back.”

* On the week of preparation: “We’ve got to prepare better. Coach expressed his feelings that we weren’t prepared this week. That we didn’t prep well, that we didn’t have a lot of energy. We just have to come out next week and get our trophy back.”

* On the early part of the game: “We started off slow and they had good field position on like three straight possessions. There was not much our defense could have done. They played hard. (Arkansas) put up that quick 17. Late second quarter we started moving the ball in the red zone. But we just couldn’t catch a break offensively.”

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