Coach's View: Javon Patterson

Petal OL Javon Patterson, a recent Ole Miss commitment, has a lot going for him, says Petal Coach Marcus Boyles, but his biggest attribute is character.

"In 26 years of coaching, I have never coached a young man with more character than Javon Patterson," said Coach Marcus Boyles, in his third year as the head man at Petal. "I have never heard a negative word about Javon.

"The teachers and administrators here love him. He's popular among his peers and people are just drawn to him. He's a great young man, a leader."

The 6-3 (Boyles says 6-3 1/4), 300-pounder will graduate from Petal Friday and will enroll at Ole Miss second semester.

"He's a very good student. He cares about academics and I think that shows in the fact that he is graduating early and will be going to Ole Miss next month even though he just turned 17 in July," Boyles noted.

Patterson's character shows up on the field as well, as Boyles attests.

"Javon has a great work ethic and a high motor. He wants to be the best. He is a 7-days-a-week guy," Boyles stated. "He practices hard and he works hard in the offseason.

"Since football ended here, he has been at school every morning for 7 a.m. drills and after school he is in the weight room. He's self-motivated."

Boyles believes Patterson, despite his tender age, is ready to compete on the collegiate level immediately because of his strength levels, work ethic, intelligence and drive.

"Right now, we have him as a 400-pound bench presser, he cleans 315 pounds and he squats 600 pounds. Those are all good numbers for a college player, real good for a true freshman," Boyles said. "I believe he will be a guard in college and he's already at a good weight at 300 pounds, and strong.

"He's also got a little mean streak, which showed up in big games, but I think it will show up even more when he is across from SEC competition. On our level, at 6-3 1/4, 300 pounds, he didn't have to bring out his aggression much to dominate, but he's a quick learner and that will surface as he adjust to the speed of the game and the competition. He's quick and explosive, so he'll adjust."

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