Coach's View: Alex Givens

Nashville Christian School Coach Jeff Brothers tried to come up with superlatives for Ole Miss commitment Alex Givens, a 6-6, 290-pound, but finally he gave up and gave a catch-all phrase about his star.

"Just check all the boxes," Brothers, whose fifth season at Nashville Christian resulted in a 12-1 record. "Fantastic kid, check. Dedicated student, check. Great ambassador for his school, check. Tremendous athlete, check. Hard worker, check. Great character, check.

"Just check them all. That's Alex."

Before we pick Brothers' mind for current updates on Alex Givens, let's backtrack and see what got Alex to this point.

"In the eighth grade, he played some quarterback at 6-2, 180 pounds because he was one of our best athletes, but he preferred to call himself a tight end - that's what he liked," Brothers recalled. "Halfway through August camp of his freshman year, we saw the future and asked him to move to left tackle.

"In no time, he fell in love with the position. He was kind of gangly at 6-6 his sophomore yeaer, but then he put on about 45 pounds and started his junior year around 265 pounds. He dedicated himself to eating right and the weight room and he just blossomed."

What came out on the other end, as Givens' senior year approached, was a 290-pounder (Brother says he's now 295) of lean machine.

"Alex has the waist of someone who weighs 225. He is a lean 295," Brothers noted. "He got thick in his trunk and thighs as a junior and now his shoulders have caught up.

"He's a unique athlete, who has played basketball, run track and played baseball until he got fixated on football after his sophomore year. When we run sprints as a team, he's leading the charge. He's not your normal offensive lineman - he can run with the smaller guys.

"Not only that, but he is blue ox strong. I don't have his weight room numbers in front of me, but he is very strong."

Givens, according to Brothers, also has the demeanor coaches are looking for in an offensive lineman.

"Alex has great feet and he's explosive. He's a fierce player who comes off the ball hard. He plays low and has good leverage and rive," Brothers continued. "He's a finisher. He's got a mean streak and does not like to give up ground. In two years here, he had 194 pancake blocks."

Givens was well-respected throughout Tennessee as well, making All-State, being named a Tennessee Mr. Football Finalist and being selected to play in the Tennessee East-West All-Star Game.

Brothers, however, does understand the difference in 'A' high school football and the SEC. Givens will have an adjustment period.

"He'll be playing against guys just as big and strong as he is. Alex will have to sharpen his technique, learn more blocking schemes than we use here, learn his protection calls and adjust to the speed of the game," he assessed, "but I have no doubt he will get that done.

"After he adjusts and learns, he will be an excellent collegiate player. There's no reason for him not to be. Like I said, check all the boxes."

Brothers said Ole Miss was a natural choice for Givens.

"He is comfortable there. There's a family atmosphere at Ole Miss and a spiritual thread in the football program that we have here. The work ethic that we have here is similar to what Ole Miss has and he likes the academic structure there," Brothers closed. "I think Ole Miss is a perfect fit for Alex."

Check all the boxes for Alex Givens.

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