No Answers

ATLANTA, GA - What was supposed to be one o the premiere games of the bowl season was anything but. TCU dismantled Ole Miss and the Rebels just didn't seem to have any answers on this day.

No answers.. . .

. . . and a lot of pain.

That's what the Rebels were left with after the 42-3 trouncing they took at the hands of TCU in the Peach Bowl here today.

"We didn't find anything, anything at all, all day," said Rebel OC Dan Werner, who watched stunned as his side of the ball gained just 129 yards on 64 plays, barely 2 yards a snap. "TCU totally outplayed us, from top to bottom."

For Werner, it all, as it usually does, started up front.

"I did not realize TCU was as good as they are up front. They controlled our OL with their front four and were able to drop seven," Werner continued. "I really thought we could handle their front four and force them to start blitzing us or putting more people in the box, but they whipped us."

Werner didn't have a lot to say - the game spoke for itself, but he wanted to make sure not to lay the blame solely on the offensive line.

"We didn't do much of anything correctly," he continued. "Sometimes we had bad protection, sometimes we had bad routes, sometimes we had bad throws. Sometimes we had time to throw and there was nobody to throw to that was open and we'd take coverage sacks. We just couldn't get anything going."

Dan gave TCU the credit they deserved, but he also knows his side of the ball contributed to the Horned Frogs' success.

"Look, TCU is a great team and they came out and played a great game, but we did a lot of things to make them look good as well," he noted. "This is certainly not the way we wanted to finish, it is humiliating, but the journey continues.

"The fact that we won nine games this year and beat some of the teams we did is ahead of our schedule, but we certainly didn't want to end it this way. Hopefully this will be a motivator for our guys."

DC Dave Wommack said the tone was set early and the Rebs never did anything to change the complexion of the game.

"They scored on a nice trick play on the second play of the game and I think that shocked us. Some of their sped stuff surprised me in the first quarter," he assessed. "We settled down some in the second quarter, but then they came out and hit us hard early in the second half and took all the wind out of our sails."

The big plays to start the second half were the backbreakers.

"It was so out of character for us to give up the big plays we did today and not be able to get of the field more than we did," Wommack noted. "It just snowballed on us. We were just never in the game today. I credit TCU a lot, they are the best offense we have seen and they hit us in the mouth early. We never recovered, but I thought we'd play better than we did."

Wommack said there were some execution problems at times and TCU's speed exploited those bad fits.

"We didn't fit some things the way we should have and they hit, it seemed like, every time we had a bad step or a bad fit," Wommack stated. "I felt we lost a little composure early and we never really regained our composure until it was too late.

"The kids played hard, like they always do, but we just had a poor game from an execution standpoint at times and they capitalized on all of them."

Wommack said he had some good calls that just didn't turn out well for the Rebs.

"Early in the second half, I was baiting them to throw long and they did. We were in perfect position for an interception and their receiver wrestled the ball from us for a TD. It was that kind of day, all the way around," Dave added.

Wommack said he is remorseful with the way the Rebs played.

"All the fans who came here and spent a lot of money, the administration, my fellow staff members, I hate it for them, but I hate it more for our players," he closed. "The seniors are in here crying their eyes out and it hurts.

"But I have to tell you - I will go to war with these guys anywhere against anybody and I am very proud of what they have accomplished. But the bottom line is today was not our day."


The Rebels had no answers for TCU.

No answers at all.

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