Hibbler Affirms Commitment

North Panola receiver Willie Hibbler has been committed to Ole Miss for quite a while so his job on his official visit this weekend was to try to convince other top recruits to join him.

Hibbler took the opportunity on his official visit to Ole Miss act as a recruiter for other prospects in town.

"It was nice to hang around other top recruits," said Hibbler. "We're all trying to make each other go to one school."

Hibbler was hosted by OG Aaron Morris, but it wasn't a one-on-one thing.

"We all got together and we were one big group at the end of the night," he stated. "I'm firm with Ole Miss, I'm just trying to get some of the other guys to be the same."

So, how did he fare persuading other recruits?

"I feel real good about CeCe (Jefferson). I think a lot more are going to follow behind him. If he commits, some others will come right behind him, I believe. I think I helped. We're going to see on signing day. They're going to be quiet until signing day. So we're going to see," Hibbler noted.

The 6-5, 220-pounder did learn a little bit on his official visit. He got more confirmation on how the Rebel coaches intend to use him.

"I'm going to be used in the slot, on the outside and I have to learn some tight end routes, mostly receiver stuff," he noted.

Hibbler recently took the SAT, which is why he came in Saturday instead of Friday for his official visit.

"I felt it went great," he said.

Hibbler is a Scout Top 300 prospect - the 233rd overall prospect in the country and the No. 7 tight end in the nation.

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