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Greg Eiland out of Philadelphia, Miss., stepped out of his car for the Ole Miss junior day with all eyes on him.

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It's rare for a player to just grab the audience's attention by just his sheer size but that certainly was the case at Ole Miss' junior day.

"I have grown some more," Eiland said. "I am up to 6' 8", 340."

Greg Eiland has actually been a baseball star in the city of Philadelphia since he was a little kid but he has literally grown into a football player in recent years.

"About middle school is when I started hitting a growth spurt. I just kept growing and growing. Now I am really focusing on football more than anything."

The Rebels were able to get the mammoth linemen in for a camp last summer and the relationship has grown from there.

"It started when I came in for a camp last summer. They gave me my first offer, and I just fell in love with it. They liked my size and how I can move. I have started talking to some of their commits too, like Eli Johnson and those guys. He's a good friend of mine whenever I come up here. I talk to D.K. Metcalf a lot too."

Where does Ole Miss rank with Greg?

"They are my leader right now. I like the way they treat me when I come up there. They make me feel like a part of their family."

Could a decision come soon?

"I am not going to make a decision anytime soon. I'll wait until closer to signing day."

What was the All-State selection hoping to get out of the Ole Miss junior day?

"I have been to a lot of games. I just wanted to build a better relationship with their coaches. Like I said before they just make feel a part of their family when I am up there. Coach (Matt) Luke and I have a great relationship. He always comes up to the school whenever he can. I also talk to coach Barney (Farrar) all of the time. He comes up there just as much as coach Luke. I like him like I do a friend. They just show me more love than anybody else right now."

How quickly does Ole Miss project Greg to be able to get out on the field?

"I really don't know about that yet. I know they need some more offensive tackles though. That's a big factor for me. It just makes me want to get out there and work harder so I can try and get up here and get my education and play some football."

Mississippi State is located just around the corner from Eiland.

"They have been coming to visit me a lot more lately too. They came and visited me the day before I went up to Ole Miss. I like how they recruit me too."

The Bulldogs have also offered.

"They like my size and flexibility. They also like my grades."

Yancy Porter is the Mississippi Scout for Scout.com and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com



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