More From Freeze. . .

The Spirit ran a video from Coach Hugh Freeze's post-practice presser last night, but there were a few more pertinent questions deserving of your "inspection."

More from Coach Hugh Freeze. . .

There were a few more questions beyond the post-practice video we ran yesterday from Freeze. Here’s a breakdown of the rest of the Q&A.

Q: Do you think the quarterback battle will go into August?

Freeze: I’m sure it will. With the situation we have on the offensive line this spring, it would be premature for us to evaluate them totally.

Q: You have a lot of injuries. Do you anticipate them being back for August practice?

Freeze: I anticipate most of them being back for summer workouts in June. Robert Conyers had his knee worked on after the season, came back for spring and then hurt the same knee in a different spot. He may not be ready for June, but should be for August. Sean Rawlings has a broken arm but does not need surgery, just a cast for six weeks. The rest, I think, should be fine around June for summer workouts.

Q: Which newcomers have jumped out at you?

Freeze: Javon Patterson, Tony Bridges and D.J. Jones. Tony is a long, athletic corner who is very physical. He and Tee (Shepard) are doing a great job right now. Sometimes they are a little too aggressive, particularly when they are on an island, but they will correct that. They are long and athletic.

Q: What about some other corners?

Freeze: Kailo Moore is having a good spring and Kendarius Webster is also doing real well. Our “next guy up” players are quality players.

Q: How has Jeremy Liggins done at tackle?

Freeze: He’s picked it up as good as I had hoped. There are times when he is getting some strange defensive looks that it’s moving a little fast for him, but that’s not just him. I really think he’s a talented kid there.

Q: What is Markell Pack’s injury?

Freeze: His helmet came off as he was blocking and he got in the face by a defender running to the ball. I don’t know the extent yet, but it was painful looking.

Q: How is C.J. Johnson doing at middle linebacker?

Freeze: He’s adjusting. He can run. There’s no question when they put him on the move in there, blitzing, he’s a handful. His biggest adjustment is when he’s having to just read and play – getting his reads down.

Q: How is Laquon Treadwell done?

Freeze: Good. He’s doing some one-on-ones and routes against air, but we are not going to let him do anything else this spring. Everything looks great moving forward. I think the summer workouts will let him get his confidence in his foot back to 100%.

Q: How is C.J. Hampton doing at free safety?

Freeze: He’s tackling very well. He’s a physical player. Sometimes he gets a little too aggressive, like the corners I was talking about, but I am pleased with the way he is playing.

Q: What about Denzel Nkemdiche coming back from a similar injury as Laquon?

Freeze: He is 100%. He’s doing well. I’m pleased with him.

Q: Does the OL situation hurt the evaluation of the running backs as well?

Freeze: Yes, but understand – our kids are giving great effort and they are having to go more reps than we would like due to our depth, but having said that, it’s hard to evaluate some things offensively right now.

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