Shrinking Bell

Senior LG Justin Bell has been on a nutrition plan that has resulted in a 18-pound weight loss. He says the weight loss is reflected in his play during spring training.

Justin Bell is on a mission.

One that would make NutriSystem, Advocare or Weight Watchers jealous.

"I'm trying to get skinny," said Bell, who has gone from 352 pounds to 334. "The nutritionist and his staff and the strength staff have helped me a lot, plus I am motivated. I have tried to give up friend foods, but it's more about limiting my intake and eating more than one meal a day.

"I was in a habit of eating one huge meal a day and my body was storing it. Now I eat thre or four smaller meals and I'm burning it."

Bell said he can tell a difference in his play and it's motivated him to lose more.

"I'm getting to my spots quicker and I'm in better shape with my tempo game. I can go longer at a high level," he noted. "I can't wait to lose the rest now and see what it does for my game. I want to get to 320 or so."

Bell, being the "senior citizen" of the group, was asked about the younger players and the move from TE/QB to left tackle for Jeremy Liggins.

"Jeremy is a very athletic man. He learns fast. He's picking up the offense well. The hardest thing for him is digesting what the defense is doing and their different looks. He is physical and doesn't mind contact," noted Bell. "He's very receptive to the position change. We joke with himn about not being physical, but he's got a lot of marks on his helmet. He's plenty physical when he knows what to do."

With so many players out with injury on the OL, Bell said continuity has been hard to develop.

"I'd be lying if I said it's been easy to develop some consistency, but we are fast learners. We are figuring out each other quickly," he continued. "Playing together as one takes time, but we are getting there."

Bell likes the progress of two youngsters - Jordan Sims and Javon Patterson, who is taking under his wing.

"Jordan has lost a lot of weight. I think he's lost 60 pounds, a third grader. He's more physical than he was last year. He's moving his feet better and his pass protection has gotten better. I think he has a great future.

"Javon is supposed to be in high school still. He's physical and he's coming on. He's got a lot of work to do, but he works hard and has a lot of talent. He has nowhere to go but up. Everyone must remember how young he is. He's very smart and will get it all."

Will next year unveil a "new" Justin Bell?

He thinks it will.

"I'm motivated. Now that I have lost nearly 20 pounds and can see a difference in my play without that weight, I'm going to make it happen," he closed.

No french fries for Justin.

Salad now.

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