Liggins Proves Versatile

Lafayette County alum Jeremy Liggins has had a journey in college football as intriguing as some best-selling novels. And it continues to wind its way on an unorthodox path.

Mike Hilton has proven he can play any secondary position successfully - very valuable.

Randall Mackey could play any offensive skill position. Rare.

Derrick Jones has been switched from offense to defense and back again during his career and has shown the gift of versatility.

But you'd have to dig long and hard to find a player who has run the gamut of change as much as Rebel junior Jeremy Liggins.

Briefly, the 6-3, 295-pounder, was a two-time state championship quarterback for Lafayette County high school, a defensive end and QB in junior college for a season, a tight end/Wildcat QB for the Rebels for a year and during spring football, magnifying his range of abilities, a left tackle on the offensive line.

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze talks about the journey he's taking his team on often, but rarely has an individual player been on a journey as winding as Jeremy Liggins.

"First of all, he's a fantastic kid. A kid any coach would want to coach," said Freeze. "You ask him to do something and he does it, no questions asked. He doesn't even blink. He always puts the team first and does his best to do what you ask. No pouting, nothing but 'yes,sir, let's go.' Quite a young man.

"Second, how many players are there in the country who are athletic enough to play quarterback and big enough to put their hand on the ground and mix it up in the trenches?"

The softspoken Liggins just takes it all in stride.

"Overall, it's been a good move to left tackle. I'm just trying to learn the gap schemes and the zone schemes, but overall it's been smooth," said Jeremy.

The fact that Liggins had his hand on the ground at tight end last year has helped with the move to the offensive line.

"It helped me with the physical part of the game, being in the trenches," he continued. "I played right tackle in pee wee ball, but not since. I just take things one step at a time and move forward. I don't really get into thinking about what could have been or those things.

"Whatever God calls on me to do, that's what I am going to do. Right now, it looks like my calling is to be a tackle and I'm going to be the best tackle I can be. I'm willing to play whatever, as long as I can help the team and get an opportunity.

"I'm willing to accept new challenges. Being in the trenches is just a new challenge."

The approach the coaches took with Jeremy in asking him to move to the OL was based on his future. Most feel he has a chance on the next level as an offensive lineman.

"That factored in, for sure," said Jeremy. "I think I'm learning pretty quickly. Being able to work with L.T. (Laremy Tunsil), who has been a tackle his whole career, has really helped me. I think I can keep learning from him and do some good things at left tackle in the future.

"The odds are better at offensive line of making a squad. There is only one QB on teh field, there are five linemen. That's a lot more opportunity."

It makes perfect sense for Liggins. He's big enough to play the position and as naturally athletic as any lineman on the team, maybe even more so, due to his background of playing skill positions most of his career.

"My athleticism is helping me get by right now. Once I learn technique and my assignments, it should be a good mix," he closed. "It's been a lot different, but when you are willing to do something and put your mind to it, things work out."

Willing and able to play up, down, big, fast, physical, finesse, anywhere asked.

That's Jeremy Liggins.

Not too many players can say that.

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