No Tells

Professional poker players rely on 'tells' from amateurs to clean them out. Sports reporters look for tells from coaches as well. There were no tells from Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze or Co-Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner on the three-headed quarterback race as August practice begins.

There are an abundance of questions that will need answering in August practice, but there's one that will not be addressed by the coaches involved, and it's the most important question facing the Ole Miss Rebels in fall camp.

Who will be the number one quarterback?

"Ryan Buchanan will take the first snaps with the number one offense in our first practice, but we will rotate all three on a daily basis," said Rebel Head Coach Hugh Freeze. "They will all get an equal opportunity to win the job in August and probably into September."

Freeze has stated several times during the summer that he wouldn't be surprised if all three play in the first two games and that a clear-cut winner of the QB race may not be decided until after the second game.

"I'm not opposed, if someone doesn't emerge in August, to doing that," he stated. "I'd rather have someone win the job, but if it doesn't happen, we will try to sort them out in the first two games."

Freeze did not tip his hand at all and neither did OC Dan Werner.

"We are going to keep rotating all three of them (Buchanan, Devante Kincade and Chad Kelly) equally until one of them starts moving ahead," said Dan. "I can't determine that, but as long as I have been in coaching, it always seems to weed itself out.

"I am anxious to see who gets it done because I think we have three capable, viable candidates and I think it's going to be a great race to the finish."

One would think Buchanan and Kincade have an advantage over Kelly based on being in the system for two whole years versus one semester for Kelly, but Werner said that is not necessarily the case.

"Chad caught on extremely quickly," noted Werner. "The other two know the scheme but Chad caught on ridiculously fast. We have an extensive vocabulary but he picked up on it so quickly that it is not an issue with me as we enter August practice.

"Also, we had a new virtual computer program where they had our plays programmed in against different defensive looks, the ball would be snapped and they would have to determine where to go with the ball. If they made the right read, they got a passing mark. A bad read and they got a bad grade. All three had good grades all summer. I think that program helped all three, but probably Chad the most."

Is there a chance true freshman Jason Pellerin could figure in as well? There's always a chance. . .

"I hope Jason can redshirt. He won't be getting a lot of quality reps, but, hey, if he shows us something extraordinary in his limited reps, who knows? We are going to play the best guy," Werner closed.

Freeze and Werner could take up poker when they retire from coaching.

There are no tells.

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