2016 Basketball Hot List

The Rebels are looking to add three post players and two guards in November. Inside we go over their top candidates.

Special Note

All hot prospects are listed in alphabetical order and not order of preference.

They are projected to sign 5 players (2 guards/3 bigs) in November, 2015

() after their name indicates their official visit date.

Last Updated on October 28, 2015

Guard - 1 or 2
1. Breein Tyree (9/25)

Hottest Prospects

Donovan Jackson (9/12) juco

Other Prospects
Jaylen Barford juco
Jordan Moore
Tobias Howard
Charlie Moore

Post - 3

1. Tyrek Coger (juco)
2. Justas Furmanavicius (9/12) juco
3. Nate Morris (10/24)

Hot Prospects
Maciek Bender (9/12) juco (West Virginia)
Alassane Kah

Other Prospects
James Banks
Jordan Bruner
Martins Igbamu
Karlis Silins
Romello White (G.T.)
Darrlyn Willis

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