Haynes vs. Tunsil

Ole Miss DE Marquis Haynes is matched up against LT Laremy Tunsil, projected to be a Top 5 NFL Draft pick after this season, every day. Even though the sophomore DE doesn't get the best of Tunsil often, he doesn't get frustrated about it.

"Not at all," said Haynes. "I learn so much going against Laremy all the time. It's just making me better and better and better."

Besides, he knows he won't face many, if any, like Tunsil this season.

"Tunsil is one of the best and if I can compete with him, I can compete with anyone. Cam Robinson at Alabama is like that," said Haynes. "You just have to go hard at them every snap. I think going against guys like that just make you better."

Marquis led the Rebels in quarterback sacks last year with 7 1/2, but this year he will be counted on to be an every down DE, meaning defending the pass and the run.

"I had work to do with my stance and in using my hips more. I had work to do with not letting an O-Lineman latch on to me and I had to get bigger and stronger," he stated. "I have worked hard on defending the run."

Haynes claims he has gained around eight pounds, pushing him near the 230 mark. DL Coach Chris Kiffin believes it's more like "a few pounds" gained, but they both can see a difference in his strength levels.

"I'm a lot stronger than I was last year. That helps me a lot in the run game when I am giving up 60-100 pounds on left tackles in the league," he explained. "And even though I have gained some weight, it has not affected my speed at all. I still feel fast coming off the edge."

Marquis is excited about the Rebel defense.

"We can rotate a lot of guys in an out and stay fresh so we can all go full speed every snap. If you are playing every snap, it's hard to keep that level of intensity every single snap, but with our situation, we can put a fresh guy in for a series, not miss a beat and let us catch our breath and come back in fresh," Haynes added. "I think John (Youngblood) can do what I do and Victor (Evans) is coming on strong day by day."

Can this defense be better than the 2014 defense?

"I think it can be. C.J. Johnson at middle linebacker is great for us. He's a really great leader and he keeps us all going in the same direction," Marquis closed. "And when Coach (Dave) Wommack puts him at defensive end and I'm at the other end, that's a lot of speed coming at a quarterback.

"We can go big. We can go athletic. We can be scary good, I really believe that."

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