From the Locker Room

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze, as well as select players, met the media following the Rebels' 76-3 win over UT-Martin.

Hugh Freeze:

Opening Statement: “It was a good first day for us. (UT-Martin head coach) Jason Simpson is a great friend of mine. The score was a little lop-sided. I told Jason afterwards that I'm not sure what I could have done differently, and he was great. To be excited for all of young kids to get in and make plays, and to see them enjoying the game of football, it's very rewarding. This game is a grind, and I'm just really happy that all of them could get in. They were able to get some quality minutes that they'll need as the season goes on.” On Chad Kelly’s performance: “Really solid. Did miss a touchdown throw, and probably could have thrown one a little bit better on the fade to Laquon Treadwell early in the game, but outside of that I think he had a solid day. We'll get back to watching film, but I felt pretty good about him out there.” On Laremy Tunsil: “I'm not privy to any information on that. I know that our university cooperates with the process in any of these situations, fully. But I'm not privy to any of that information.” On Robert Nkemdiche being able to play both sides of the ball: “He's a tremendous athlete. Anytime we can use the kids within our team to be successful, we try to do that. Robert is definitely one of those guys that will help in any way that he can, and he's able to help us in a lot of areas.” On Laquon Treadwell’s return: “He looked explosive, but it was an average performance. It was really good seeing him get tackled and be able to bounce back up, but he just has to get back out there and get some more plays. I've probably done him an injustice in preparing him because I've been a little bit protective with his injury. Now I think these first few games will help him get back in the flow. If he had insufficient play it's my fault because we haven't let him go against contact a lot.” On Jaylen Walton: “He has big-play ability. We talk about explosive plays in our offense. In this league if you aren’t able to create some explosive plays you won't be able to perform offensively. Jaylen definitely showed that ability in the touches he had.”

Quincy Adeboyejo:

On quarterback play: “They all did good. They all made some good reads, put some good passes on us. They all threw some really good passes. They all did really good today, all three of them.” On his touchdown grab: “I just ran a five-yard in. The linebacker was sitting there, but he was looking at me, so I snuck up behind him. I didn’t know if Ryan (Buchanan) was going to see me or not, but I’m glad he did. He put it on me, and I just made a play.” On overall performance of the offense: “Pretty clean. We had a few drops that we’ve gotta take care of. I don’t think I saw any (missed assignments). I didn’t have any MAs. For the most part, we executed.”

Robert Nkemdiche:

On his touchdown catch: “That was for my mom. Me and coach Freeze came to an agreement, and that was for my mom. It just happened so sudden. ‘Oh, I have the ball,’ and I just took off and started running. It was fun. Had a little tight line, a little swag to it.” On how the play came about: “We worked it in practice. We worked it a couple of times this past week in practice. Came out perfect. Ryan Buchanan did a great job, linemen did a great job. Happened to be a good play.” On having his mom in attendance: “She never comes down. This is very rare. She came my freshman year, but I pulled my hamstring against (Texas) A&M. She had a very busy schedule (last year), so she couldn’t make it down. It was great. I feel her spirit, I feel her energy. I feel energy from a lot of people, but she always has really good energy. I felt it. It was a good day.” On his big day: “It’s only the beginning for this season. I feel like it’s only going to go forward. It’s a good warm-up. We still have a lot to fix. As a defense, we had a lot of holes. We had some big plays we gave up. We have to go back, clean it up and get ready for Fresno.” On the 76-3 final score: “I had no idea it was going to get like that. If they’re running the ball like that, and running and catching the ball like that … the offense was on fire. They did a great job.” On what he was thinking on the touchdown: “It was like old times, like when I used to run the ball in high school. It felt good. But I feel like we still have a lot to fix as a whole, as a team. We’re going to throw this game away tomorrow when we watch film and get ready for Fresno.”

Jaylen Walton:

On running game improvement: “I’m going to consistently say we can run the football. We’re running backs; this is what we do. When we get our opportunities, just make them count.” On his 60-yard touchdown run: “I think it was a zone play. I just pretty much read it like my coach, coach (Derrick) Nix tells me to do. Once I get past the second level, it’s my ballpark, you know? We in the playground. It’s all fun and games after that.” On scoring 76 points in the opener: “It’s a real positive sign. We stayed consistent. We didn’t stop scoring points. That’s what you’ve got to do to win, you’ve got to score points. We consistently scored points. It was a good day.”

Chad Kelly:

On his performance: “I thought it was good. I missed on a couple of throws. But just being out there with my teammates - my brothers - and my coaches, and being out there in front of the fans, it was good to get my first game under the belt. I’m excited about the upcoming season, and there’s always room for improvement.” On quarterback play: “I thought we all played very well today. There’s always room for improvement. (Freeze) is the coach; he decides everything. But I know all three of us, as well as Jason (Pellerin) and Drew (Davis), we’re all going to come out every day and push each other to be the best. That’s about all you can ask for, and do what the coaches say and study, study, study.” On being under the microscope during the fall camp QB competition: “You just have to keep focused, put in as much work as you can, because at the end of the day, it’ll pay off. Just keep focused, keep doing the right thing and everything will pay off.” On his group of receivers: “We have weapons all over the field. I feel like we have a great team, and we just have to make sure we’re all hitting on all cylinders every play and all 11 players doing their job so we can have a great season.” On his favorite type of throw to make: “[Jokingly] All the deep balls. [Serious] Any ball we can complete and get positive yards is a great ball, and as long as we keep working we’ll be successful.” On not having Laremy Tunsil at left tackle: “We’re all prepared to play whatever position the coaches put us in. We’ve got to keep working no matter who’s out there and just trust each other.”

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