A Good Moment

Late in the Fresno game, won handily by the Rebels, backup Husky/SS/FS Chief Brown picked off a Bulldog pass and returned it 22 yards for a touchdown. His comeback from an Achilles tear two summers ago was complete and he had a moment he'd always remember.

Chief Brown was determined to play last year after tearing an Achilles in the summer of 2014, but when he came back about midway through the season, it was apparent he wasn't the same Chief.

"I tried to come back too early. I thought I was ready, but I wasn't. My right leg was not strong enough. Now, my right Achilles is stronger than my left one and I feel really fast out there. I have no pain whatsoever," Brown, a senior, stated. "My comeback is finally complete."

With that, the Rebel coaches have Chief backing up three spots - strong safety, free safety and Husky.

"It's tough mentally, but I can do it. I have been here a long time. I know what to do," he stated. "I know all three positions very well. I watch a lot of film and I'm ready whenever they need me or wherever they need me."

Brown can't wait, he says, to get to Alabama and play at night in that stadium.

"It is so electric and loud in that stadium. If you cannot get motivated to play there, you need to find another sport. I can't wait," he noted. "I know they will be coming after us. They will remember last year when we won and they will be wanting to make a statement.

"They will want to defend their turf, just like we defended ours last year. We will have to bring our best and we will have to fight every snap, there's no doubt about that."

The Rebel defense will be faced with trying to slow down huge Bama Tailback Derrick Henry, a 6-3, 240-pound wrecking ball and many more Tide weapons.

"I compare him to Todd Gurley. He's a big back, a tough back, but we have a pretty good defense, so we will be excited about the challenge. The key to slowing him down is to hit him before he gets up a head of steam, before he gets going good," Chief continued. "If he does get going, you have to hit him low and hope you get some help. We need to swarm him and the ball, whoever has it, this week because they have great playmakers besides him."

Brown said assignment and alignment and knowing Bama's personnel groupings will be important.

"We have had some alignment issues in the first two games that we cannot have against Alabama. If you lose a gap against them, they will take it all the way. We have to be assignment sound, but I'm sure that will be our emphasis this week," he explained. "Also, it will be important to know who they have on the field. They do different things with different players. We have to be aware of that.

"We will get it communicated this week. We will be ready to play, and we will have to be, no doubt about it."

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