Tuitt takes in Ole Miss trip

Chandler Tuitt out of Sandy Creek, GA., made the trek to Oxford this past weekend to see Ole Miss play Fresno State. The 6-foot-4, 288-pound offensive tackle brought two family members with him. What were their thoughts on the visit?

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Sandy Creek is one of the traditional 4A powers in state of Georgia. They have lost three regular season games since Chandler Tuitt took over at right tackle in the middle of his ninth grade season. One of those losses occurred in week two this season to Jonesboro in the last minute of the game.

"Man, that was tough," Tuitt said. "We have been up and down this season, but I think the bye week helped us get everything down now. Everyone is where they need to be, and we got everyone back that was hurt and missed some games."

Scout.'s #35 rated offensive guard has seen several improvements in his game this season.

"I have gotten bigger. I'm up to 288 pounds now. Every day I'm getting better. I'm being more violent with my hands. I'm still working on my footwork (ran a 5.11 at Nike Regions) and coming off of the ball faster while staying low."

One of the reasons that Chandler has put on weight is due to him now being free to work in the gym as much as needed.

"I had wrist surgery after my sophomore season. It's finally back to 100%. I work out all day every day now. I'm getting a lot stronger."

Tuitt attended the Ole Miss game Saturday and one thing jumped out.

"Their offensive line is huge. I'm not that big yet. I want to get as big as those guys so I have to really work hard in the weight room over the next couple years to get there. I'm 6' 4", 288 so I need to put on another 20 or so pounds so I can play my best in the SEC."

The 1st Team All-State selection brought his mother and grandmother on the trip as well.

"That's the second time they have gotten to come with me. They love how their coaches treat me. They love their academic programs at Ole Miss and how it has that family vibe over there. They love everything about it, as I do."

The trip to Ole Miss was exactly what he was hoping for it to be.

"It was fun watching their offense. I got to talk to a lot of their players. I hung out with boys fron Sandy Creek (Mike Hilton/Eric Swinney). I spent a lot of time with coach (Matt) Luke and (Maurice) Harris. They won 73-21. It was really impressive watching them play. I enjoyed meeting some of the commits too. I hung out with Gabe Angel a lot. We had started talking recently so it was good to get to meet him person. All of us (commits) are starting to really get to know one another. Those are the guys you will be spending the next four to five years with so that's really important."

Ole Miss put up 70 plus points in back-to-back games in front of Tuitt and that did not go unnoticed.

"I think I made a grade decision to commit to Ole Miss. The past two games I have watched every snap whether it was on my tv or being at the game. They are putting up 70 plus points a game right now. That's never been done in the SEC. Their defense is nasty too. It's going to be great to be able to practice everyday against their defense. It will only make me better. I can't wait to see them play Alabama. I'm going over with a friend. He had two tickets so we are going."

Recruiting has slowed down since Chandler committed to Ole Miss but one college is still being persistent.

"I get a ton of letters from all of the schools who have offered me. The only coach who really still calls a lot is one of the coaches from Florida. That's it. They just want to get me over there for a game. They tell me that I would be a big part of their class, but I feel at peace about my decision with Ole Miss."

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