Moving Forward

D.K. Metcalf helped Oxford break the two game losing streak against cross-town rival Lafayette Friday. Now the focus is on the future.

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Oxford won a hard fought battle over Lafayette last Friday and D.K. Metcalf is just glad to get back to their winning ways.

"The seniors had to step up, first of all," Metcalf said right after the ball game. "We just had to start leading the team and cut out all of the distractions that was causing us stupid mistakes and penalties. The seniors needed to lead. We had two great practices this week. I felt like we were ready tonight and we were."

The Chargers lost to Starkville 20-7 to start the two game losing streak. D.K. received some criticism because the state's other top receiver, A.J. Brown, had a huge game and Metcalf didn't.

"I really don't care. People are going to be on your side one game, and then the next they will be against you. They aren't the ones in the gym working out at 6:00 a.m. every day. People can talk all they want to about that game. I just went back to work. That game showed me that I have work to do on the defensive side of the ball. I have really concentrated on my defensive techniques during practice since that game. I'm playing pretty much full time on both sides of the ball now. I saw that I needed to get in better shape. I wasn't taking care of my body like I was supposed to. I wasn't drinking enough water. I wasn't putting enough sodium in my body. That was obvious because I kept cramping up in the game. I just went back to work, and started putting the right amount of fluids I need in my body before I suit up. That shouldn't be a problem from here on out."

Metcalf played running back, slot, wide-out, safety and special teams Friday against Lafayette. Is that a hard adjustment playing nearly every snap when he's concentrated on offense in the prior seasons?

"Whatever it takes for the team to win. Coaches have put me in every position I could be put in. I'm used as a decoy a lot so we can get the ball in other people's hands when they are open. Whatever it takes for the team to win."

On the recruiting end Scout's #61 rated prospect remains solid with his commit but will take in a few visits.

"I am taking a couple of officials but I don't know where yet. Cal, Auburn, and Alabama have been calling me a lot. It will probably be to some of those schools."

"Cal just likes my size and wants me to come out there and see how it is. Same thing with Alabama and Auburn."

What will he look at while he is on those visits?

"Well, I have never really been on a visit anywhere but Ole Miss. I just want to get to see some places. I'll look at their coaches and see if it has a family atmosphere. It's a lifetime decision, not a four year decision. I'm looking at where I can get my degree and come back and maybe live their after my playing days are over."

Is his commitment to Ole Miss still solid?

"Oh, yes. I told the Ole Miss coaches about me taking some visits. They said they didn't mind that at all but they told me they know where my heart is."

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