Davis rates Ole Miss visit a "10"

Drake Davis out of IMG headed to Oxford for the weekend with teammate Shea Patterson to catch the Ole Miss/Vandy contest.

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"That was my first Ole Miss game to go too," Davis said. "It was better than I was actually expecting. I would give it a 10. It's a great place. The fan support they get is what stood out to me. The Grove and the support they get from their fans. I knew how nice it was because I've been down there a couple times. I had just never been to one of their games. They got the "W", and I got to see how their coaches coach. I can't wait to get back down there again when they play LSU. Me and Shea Patterson and maybe a couple more of our teammates are going to come up for that game."

The nation's No. 135th ranked prospect has Ole Miss and LSU at the top of his list. He's originally from Louisiana and has seen several of the Tiger's games before.

"Oh yea, I kind of expected it to be like that at Ole Miss because I've seen the atmosphere at the LSU games. There are not many schools with LSU's atmosphere. The Grove at Ole Miss is insane too. Both of those schools give you so much support. It's crazy at both schools."

The Grove stood out the most during the Ole Miss visit.

"That was really the highlight of my trip. Just walking around the Grove and seeing it for myself after hearing so much about it. What got me was how nice everyone is. Not only to me but just everybody in general. It's like a big family. You don't get that everywhere. Then we went to the Walk of Champions. Man, that got me a little fired up. You could see how excited their players were. That gets you fired up before you play. Get's your mind right. I just love the support they give their players there at Ole Miss. I also got a chance to spend a lot of time with coach Freeze. He's so easy to talk to. He's always made me feel at home. I just get that homey feeling when I'm at Ole Miss. That's why they have always been at the top."

The 6-foot-4 receiver wanted to concentrate on the interaction between the Ole Miss players and coaches during the game.

"I wanted to see how the players and coaches interacted with one another on the field and on the sidelines. I wanted to put myself in their position. I liked how their coaches do not yell at their players when things go bad. They were just trying to teach them what to do next instead of tearing them down about what they did wrong. I saw how the fans were so behind them too. When they announced Laquon Treadwell's name for the starting lineup the crowd went nuts. The game was not really going how Ole Miss wanted it to in the third quarter but their fans were still yelling the whole game to give them support to get them going again. It was packed."

Anymore future trips lined up?

"I might go to the LSU/Florida game, and I'll be back at Ole Miss when those two (OM/LSU) play. That's it so far."

Is it fair to say that Ole Miss and LSU are still at the top of the pecking order?

"Yes sir. I'm just getting a feel for both colleges right now. It's a four year decision. I'm just looking to see which one gives me more of that homey feeling."

Are there anymore colleges in the picture outside of the two SEC schools?

"Clemson, FSU, and Texas A&M are still staying after me pretty hard. I'll probably wait until the end (of the recruiting process) to announce. I don't know if I'm going to get out in December or not so I'm trying to see what I can right now."

Drake has been a big play force for IMG's offense. Through four games he has a 37.8 yards per catch average. He's scored on four of his five receptions. Davis has made his presence felt in the special teams department as well. He has returned two kickoffs for touchdowns which includes a 90-yard touchdown against Miramar. All told Scout's No. 25 rated receiver has 410 all-purpose yards and six touchdowns through four games.

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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