Luke Wants Consistency

All things considered - like playing musical chairs with depleted offensive line personnel - OL Coach Matt Luke is pleased with his guys, but he'd like to see the youngsters gain a little more consistency moving forward.

So far, considering all variables, Offensive Line Coach Matt Luke doesn't have a whole lot to complain about in regards to the production he has gotten through four games this year from his group.

"There were a lot of things I was pleased with in the Vandy game and there were things I wasn't happy with," said Luke. "The overall theme of that game for me was inconsistency. The young guys did some real good things, but some inconsistencies stopped some drives. If you are going to run tempo, you have to stay ahead of the chains and we didn't do that at times, which hurt us.

"We also had a couple of plays on the goal line that had no chance because of missed assignments. They had no chance at all. Then, when they put all those people in the box, our young guys panicked a little. We just have to lock in better - that will come. Consistency and execution is what we needed a little more of."

Luke said there were a couple of looks Vandy gave the Rebs that they were not prepared for and with young guys, it's sometimes harder to adjust than it is with veterans.

"There is a difference in knowing what to do and understanding everything that is going on around you," Matt explained. "Those youngsters know what to do, but adjusting can be difficult at times for them. An older guy can adjust quicker, but I am very pleased with where Jordan (Sims), Javon (Patterson) and Sean (Rawlings) are at this stage in their careers, but we have to understand how little they have seen and how much more there is to see.

"A lot of credit to Vandy - they were flying around and they gave us some different looks, but we still should have been able to execute a bit more consistently than we did."

Justin Bell will miss the Florida game, but the hope is that Rod Taylor will be able to play some. It will be a game time decision on Rod.

Overall, Matt was satisfied with the way the Rebs closed out the game against Vandy, being able to run for a score and then get some rushing first downs to ice the game.

"It's just about being fast and physical and consistent and we are getting there. We have had some hiccups and setbacks, but we are getting there," he explained.

It is a testament to the depth being built by Luke and the Rebel staff that they can be 4-0 without Laremy Tunsil, Justin Bell and Rod Taylor, for the most part.

"I'm positive about the depth we are building. When we get those guys back, we will actually be able to rest some guys and be confident in our depth, something new for us," he smiled. "I am anxious for that time to come. What is really good is that all of these guys are closer now and more together than any unit I have had here. They lean on each other and pick each other up, so it's really starting to get good.

"Take Jordan. He lost 60 pounds since he has been here and while he can do some things better - he missed a twist the other night because he didn't move his feet - he has come so far and he will keep getting better. He is also smart and driven. He plays with emotion and he's easy to trust."

And Tunsil?

"When we get the word, he will be ready to play. He's disappointed but he's handling it well," Luke noted.

Luke said Florida's defense is "very similar to ours."

"They try to penetrate and move, like our defense. They like to create minus-yardage plays. They are very good and active," he closed. "They will be a challenge."

And the Rebel OL will have to be more consistent to have success in The Swamp.

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