Every Facet

GAINESVILLE, FL - Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack and Co-Offensive Coordinator Matt Luke didn't have a whole lot of answers after the Ole Miss 38-10 loss to Florida here Saturday night, but one thing they knew for sure, they got it handed to them by the Gators.

"They beat us in every facet of the game, obviously," said Coach Hugh Freeze after the 38-10 shelling his Rebels took at the hands of the homestanding Florida Gators.

No truer words have been spoken and they were reiterated by DC Dave Wommack and Co-OC Matt Luke.

"They jumped on us early. We gave up big plays and couldn't get off the field on third downs," said Wommack. "Florida schemed us well and played hard. They kept us off-balance all night long.

"We blew a couple of pressures, blew some coverages, missed some tackles and before you knew what hit you, we wer down 25-0."

Wommack said he tried to employ a couple of blitz packages that Florida had not seen, but they picked them up and our man coverage broke down a couple of key times.

"The long TD was just that - them picking up our blitz and us covering poorly in man coverage, but give them credit, they executed and we did not," he continued.

Florida had 296 yards in the opening half but only ended the game with 355 yards.

"They had the big lead and weren't going to take any chances. They worked the clock well in the second half and we were still unable to get off the field on third downs even though we played a lot better," he explained.

Dave as asked if the absence of Husky Tony Conner has been a major factor in the defensive play. He would not accept that - at all.

"This is about all of us taking responsibility with the little things, from the coaches to the players on down," he continued. "We have to be more consistent with what we are doing.

"We did some of that against Alabama - not getting off the field when we should have, but we thought we got a lot of it fixed. Obviously, we have more work to do, much more, but I also give credit to Florida. They had a great plan. We were ready for what they were doing, but I think we need to simplify back some so we can execute better. They had great skill players who made plays, but we helped them a lot too. They beat us on some stuff and we gave them some stuff we shouldn't have."

Wommack said when you are down 25-0 at half, things change.

"All tendencies are out the window. They still took some shots, and they had us guessing some, but I thought we settled down OK in the second half until the game got out of hand at the end."

Another thing that is sticking in Wommack's craw is his defense did not force any turnovers.

"We started out the year shaking the ball loose, but now we are not doing that. We have to get back into that mode," he closed. "We have to do more to help our offense and get back to doing what we do best - creating havoc.

"The bottom line though is that we busted some assignments, didn't execute and the end result is not pretty."

Luke didn't have a whole lot of answers either.

"When things go haywire early, it just takes you out of your game. We dug ourselves a hole early and couldn't dig out of it," said Luke. "The crowd noise affected us some in our communications and there were times we just got whipped up front. We never could take the crowd out of it.

"Florida had a very good rush package and they mixed things up and kept us off-balance a lot."

Luke was without the services of veteran Justin Bell, a stabilizing force, but he said that was no reason for the performance the OL and the offense gave.

"We won't use excuses. We play with who we have and we have to play well with them. We expect to play well with them. We have to figure out what we are doing wrong and go fix it. It's simple," he noted.

This was two weeks in a row the Rebel offense got the ball down in the tight Red Zone and had difficulty.

"We can't keep getting stopped down there. We have to punch those in. Have to," he noted. "We have tried a lot of things, but we have to keep working on it until we get it working."

Down 25-0 at half, the message was clear.

"Compete. It doesn't matter what the score is, compete," he closed. "We have to do better than what we did tonight, it goes without saying.

"What we did tonight was not good enough in any way, shape or form, from the coaches to the players, but the kids played hard."

Unfortunately, playing hard is not a cure-all when, as they all said, you are getting beaten "in every facet."

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