D.D. Bowie Talks SEC Visits

D.D. Bowie out of Morton, Miss., had his best game to date this season Friday against Magee. Scout's No. 142 overall player in the Class of 2017 has also had a chance to take in college games at Mississippi State, Alabama, and most recently Ole Miss this fall.

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Morton defeated Magee 48-14 this past Friday. Their star offensive player, D.D. Bowie, was a big why.

"I had 217 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 13 carries," Bowie said. "Coach told us that this was a real important game for District and he really needed for me to step up. I went out and did what I had to do."

The 6' 1", 180 pound two-way player has seen some improvements on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

"They mainly put me on defense because I can run. It gives some of our starters a chance to take a break. But I feel like I'm breaking on the balls better this year. Last year I did a lot of cutting when I had the ball in my hands. This year I'm going more north and south. Just getting to the sideline and going north. I'm not doing a lot of cutting this season. That's helped out a lot."

The junior athlete has taken in college games to MSU, Alabama and Ole Miss this fall. He talks about his most recent visit to Oxford.

"It went good. I wanted to see how hard they work on and off the field. I noticed the players had a great attitude on and off the field. I also wanted to see how the fans supported their players. When they do something bad they still supported them even when they weren't doing good. I also wanted to see how their defensive backs play since that's where they are mainly recruiting me. I think they have a great defense. Their cornerbacks and defensive backs work hard to get to where they are at now. They are really good. They said I might play a little defensive back but they don't know yet."

What impressed him the most about the Oxford trip?

"Out of all of the games I went to they were the only one that let me on the sidelines and go to the locker room. Just going that extra step with me caught my eye."

Many believed D.D. was nearing an Ole Miss commitment before he committed to Alabama this summer. The Ole Miss head coach spoke to him about that as well.

"Coach Freeze just asked me why I committed to Alabama. I told him that when I went to their camp they gave me a whole lot of attention and showed me a lot of love. He asked me how I really felt about their program. I told him I still liked it like I always have. He never put down Alabama or said anything bad about them. He just told me that I needed to go where I felt the best. I appreciated how he handled it with me."

The weekend before the Ole Miss trip he took in the Alabama game against the Rebels.

"I just keyed on their receivers. That's what they are recruiting me to play. They play hard on every down no matter if they are up or down. They also go at it hard whether it is a running or passing play. Their receivers go hard."

The fans at Alabama stood out during the trip.

"There were a lot of people tailgaiting, and it seemed like half of them knew who I was because me being committed and all. Some of them asked if I wanted something to eat so I sat down with them and just talked. They were telling me how they would love for me to join their family and stuff like that."

The first visit of the season was to Starkville to see the Dogs take on LSU.

"People say their receivers aren't as good as last year's group, but I think they are even better this year. They lost half of their defensive players from last year's team, but their defense showed up."

The noise at Davis Wade stood out the most.

"I think it's the loudest stadium in the country. All of those cowbells just make it so loud."

Are there anymore future visits on tap?

"I'm supposed to go to Miami sometime when I get a chance. They have been recruiting me really hard. FSU keeps in touch sometimes too. Florida and Southern Miss as well."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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