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Garett Bolles out of Snow College has been through his ups and downs through life as most have. The 6-foot-6, 305-pound left tackle is now searching for a new home on the next level.

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Snow College has started off fast. They are now 5-0 on the season.

"We have a lot of talented players," Bolles said. "We are having a great season because we have a lot of talented brothers that are willing to battle for their brothers. It's just been a pleasure to be a part of this team."

Their starting left tackle, Garett Bolles, has been a big factor with their success.

"I think I'm more of a student of the game now. My stance is much better and I'm playing faster. My body control is completely different. My elbows are tight and hands are up. I got stronger in the offseason. I didn't touch a weight for two years while I was on my mission trip. Lifting was a struggle when I got back. I was 285 pounds and now I'm 305 pounds. All of my strength numbers shot up. I'm really strong in my lower body. I have continued to work on my legs and hips. I feel I'm a player that is going to keep getting better every year. I'm going to keep getting better and go as far as I can go as long as I keep a positive attitude."

Getting to the junior college level took a lot of twists and turns.

"I didn't qualify coming out of high school because I had some off the field problems. I was hanging out with the wrong people here in Utah. I decided to get my life in order so I went on a mission trip for two years. Football was my gateway to go down the right path. The coaches here gave me a chance to continue my education, football skills and my faith in the lord. I see the blessings the lord has given me everyday."

That maturity approach has helped him on and off the field.

"I feel I'm a natural leader. Mentally, I get everybody up to play. Protection wise, I feel I like I use my hands the way they need to be used. Off the field I'm a different person. I'm really laid back and don't say a lot. On the field, the switch comes on and I'm just a different person. I just move guys around and protect my quarterback's blind side. I keep my shoulders square. I feel I'm a unique left tackle because of my footwork and speed."

Snow's regular season ends at the end of October. He will be looking to take in some official visits between the end of his regular season and bowl game in December.

"We have three weekends between games. That's when I will start taking my officials. I'm getting married in December so I want to take my trips before my wedding. In January I'll take in a couple more officials. November and January is when I'll be taking my visits."

His first official visit will be taken to Ole Miss on November 7th when the Rebels play the Hogs.

"I've always known about Ole Miss because of Michael Oher. He's my role model. Coach Freeze is a great person of high belief. I love the way he carries himself. I just like their whole staff, really. They have a strong faith in christianity and it's built around family and believing in the man above. I could bring my wife down there and she'll be safe. We can continue to grow in that environment. I'm excited to see where it goes with Ole Miss."

What does the Utah native know about Ole Miss football?

"I know they have a long history of starting tackles in the NFL. They have like six starting in the NFL right now. I also know they are losing both of their starting tackles. I feel like I could come in and play off the bat. I think I'm good fit for their offense because they run the same offense we do here. I'm sure they have a lot of different winkles so I'll still have to learn the offense, but it wouldn't be a big adjustment for me to make. As I said before I'm also a big Michael Oher fan. I know what he went through growing up. I come from a very similar background. I see what coach Freeze did for Michael and that's a huge plus for me. That's going to carry a lot of weight for me when I make my decision."

Bolles has expressed his feelings about Oher to the Ole Miss staff.

"When Ole Miss first started recruiting me I told coach Freeze that I was Michael's biggest fan. I told him about my background growing up. We had a deep conversation about all of that. Not too many coaches in the SEC were high school coaches at one point. That's why coach Freeze is a great coach. He knows what it takes to get to that next level. He's coached on all levels. I just think coach Freeze is a special person."

What new does Garrett want to learn about Ole Miss?

"I haven't really given that too much thought, but when I get down there on my visit I want to see if it's the environment me and my wife can be successful in on and off of the field. Is it a place I can raise a family and she can be happy? That's the biggest thing for me is just for her to be happy. I want to see if the apartments are nice. I'm in a unique position because most college players aren't married and don't look at things like I do. I don't care about all of the stars, glamour, and glitz. I just want a safe place for my family."

The 23-year old tackle talks about the most important person in his life, his soon-to-be-wife.

"She's from Utah. She was adopted like I was at birth. We both grew up in Utah our whole life. Both bounced around through our childhood. She is a very special person and teaches special education. She has enough teaching experience that she can get a good job, but we will be looking at her job opportunities wherever we go. She wants to give back to the community. She's a cheerleader here at Snow. She'll continue to work until my last semester of college. Where I go, she goes. But as she tells me, where she goes, I go (laugh). But that's the truth. I do whatever she tells me."

Garett's future wife has only visited a couple schools on his prior unofficial visits.

"She has been to Arizona State and Utah with me. She is getting a hang of it. She is going to go on my official visits with me so she can form an educated opinion. We'll sit down at the end of my recruitment and make a decision but she's the boss. I'll get all of my input from her and the Lord do whatever they think is best."

Will the depth chart at each school play a role?

"For sure, but I think I can play all of the offensive line positions. I can play tackle, guard or center. I'll take the depth chart into consideration, but usually a school is not recruiting a junior college player to come in and sit. They have a hole to fill so I don't look at that too much, but I will look at who they are losing so I can become the most dominant player I can become."

What does Utah bring to the table?

"It's close to home. It would be really cool for people to come watch me play. I would love to prove all of the people around here that doubted me that I can have a beautiful family and be successful in college and life. I have a chip on my shoulder because of my upbringing. I didn't come from much, and I want to show everyone that no matter what your circumstances are in life you can be successful. There really is not one school I like more than the other. I'm going take my time and go through the recruiting process the right way and see where I feel the most comfortable."

How did the trip to Arizona State go?

"It's a great school as well. All of the schools I am considering are great schools. Ole Miss, Utah, Arizona State, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia and Oregon. I like all of them equally. I'll take my official visits to those schools and compare and contrast. It's going to be a hard decision because I have built a great bond with all of those schools. The Lord will help me with my final decision. I'll continue to build strong relationships with all of those schools, visit them, and see where I feel the most comfortable. It's really not anymore complicated than that."

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