Leaders for Kristian Fulton?

Kristian Fulton out of Metairie, LA., is hearing from three schools more than any? Who are they?

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"The main schools I'm hearing from are Florida, Ole Miss, Arkansas and LSU," Fulton said. "LSU is keeping up with me but the first three schools I listed to you call me every week and keep up with me the most."

What's going on with Florida?

"They are rebuilding and it's going great with the new staff. I like what they are doing. When I visited I liked the depth chart. They are even better than people thought they would be. I'm all about winning."

What is Ole Miss saying?

"They want to fill in the holes from the 2013 class. They want to duplicate what they did. They want to get me back up there. They want to sign two or three cornerbacks. I believe they have one committed. They want me to take one of those spots. I just like their defense. They have been competing in the SEC and competing for national championships. They are always in the race. They have the number one defense in the country. There are a lot of great players on their defense. You can't argue with that."

Arkansas has one of his former teammates playing for them that has given the nation's No. 46 rated prospect an inside peak at their program.

"I have some teammates up there. When I visited for the spring game I liked what I saw. Their fans are amazing. They support their team. Henre' Toliver tells me their defensive back coach is great. He just tells me what it's like up there."

What's going on with LSU?

"I still talk to coach Frank (Wilson) some. I've been to some of their games this season. They are doing really good again. Like I said, I just like to win. I'm anxious to see how the rest of the season goes."

When will Scout's No. 3 rated cornerback in the country going to take his official visits?

"I was going to do it during the season, but now I'm going to do it after my season is over. I definitely want to visit Arkansas, Ole Miss and Florida. I have been to LSU a bunch of times already so I might just go over there unofficially so I can get in a couple more visits. Miami really wants me to visit. UCLA does too. Those five schools are the main ones right now. I still want to see some other schools too before I decide."

What will the factors be when it comes decision time?

"It will mainly be where I feel the most comfortable. Where the coaches take care of me. I want to go somewhere where the coaches the coaches will make me a better person and player. It will mainly be about where I feel comfortable and where I can compete for national championships. I really want to win a championship before I am done with college."

Is there a time-frame for a decision?

"It will probably come before the Under Armour game. I'll take some visits in early December and commit in January."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com



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