Rebel Recruiting Goals: Wide Receivers

Ole Miss will most likely have five less receivers on their squad at the end of the season. What are their goals for the wideout class in February?

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Ole Miss wide receiver coach Grant Heard spoke about their goals for the '16 wide out class.

"Numbers, we are going to sign two maybe three," Heard said. "It just depends on who we can get. We just want to try and keep improving that room with explosive electric players that can make plays. Keep trying to push the envelop with the level talent in that room. We want to see how great it can be."

The Rebels have a lot of big receivers in Grant's group but not as many Mike Wallace type explosive post receivers, outside of Markell Pack and Quincy Adeboyejo. Is Grant looking to add another game stretcher?

"We have some (game breakers), but we do have a lot of big guys. But those big guys are hard to tackle and can really block. People don't understand how important blocking is in our system. They are so valuable to our system. They might not be labeled on paper as fast, but most of them have game speed and they play fast. I think we have enough in my room that we can take the top off and can make explosive plays. We have Quincy (Adeboyejo), (Derrick) Jones, and (Markell) Pack. Those guys can run. I think we have a good mix of size and speed in there to get done what we need to get done. Obviously, we would love to add a couple big guys who can really run. We feel like we have identified those guys are going to do everything we can to bring them into our program"

Coach Heard recruits the southern half of the state of Louisiana. There have been a lot of top prospects from the Bayou state that are mentioning Ole Miss prominently in this year's class. Is that by design or coincidence?

"For me it's always a focus because I'm always down there trying to fight my butt off. I think with us winning and the success we have had in such a short time. The image of Ole Miss, in not just Louisiana, but across the country is just changing and the interest is there. Especially at wide out. They know we throw it. Everybody wants to at least come look at Ole Miss. They are interested early."

Grant also recruits the state of Texas, mainly the Houston surrounding area, while spot recruiting other areas. The Rebels have begun to emerge in that state as well.

"We got a lot of those Dallas kids when we first came here and that opened up a lot of doors. Plus playing down there when we played Texas and Texas A&M. Once you play down there the kids see it. Now they don't have to wonder how we play. They see it live. Our name around the Houston area is getting out. A&M being down there has helped us tremendously."

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