Ole Miss Flips D.D. Bowie

D.D. Bowie out of Morton, Miss., had some good news to bring to the Ole Miss coaching staff before the game started.

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The Morton wide receiver coach, Andre Hollis, was approached about D.D. Bowie wanting to switch his commitment from Alabama to Ole Miss.

"When I first heard about it I told him to make sure that is what he wanted to do," coach Hollis said. "D.D. said he was ready. He wanted to inform the Ole Miss staff about it before the (Texas A&M) game and that's what he did. He got up there to Ole Miss and wanted to talk to coach Freeze to tell him about it. He told their staff that he wanted to decommit from Alabama and was ready to commit to them. D.D. got a chance to talk to three or four of their coaches about his decision before the game. They were really excited about it and welcomed him into their family. They said they were ready for next year to get here so he can go ahead and officially be a part of their family."

What made Ole Miss the best fit for the 6-foot-2 receiver?

"I just think he likes the way Ole Miss throws the ball around with Chad Kelly. He spreads it around to not just Laquon Treadwell but all his receivers. He knows he can go be a part of an offense that uses his skill set. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they have the number one quarterback in the country coming in as a freshman next season. That's pretty attractive for any receiver. You play in an offense that highlights your skills and have the best quarterback in the country just a year older than you. That's hard to beat."

How does Ole Miss plan to use Bowie in their system?

"They love 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-3 receivers. My understanding is that they will use him in their offense, but I told people he'll be an All-SEC cornerback if they lined him up there. There's no doubt in my mind about that. He's so physical for a corner. Most corners don't want to come up and hit you but not D.D. That kid loves to hit. He's so physical. You combine his size, speed and how physical he plays. He would be a special cornerback in the SEC. But I also think he'll be an All-SEC receiver if he plays there. He's a special talent."

What makes him so special on offense?

"When you get the ball in his hands he can take it to the house at any time. It's amazing what he's done throughout his career here at Morton. He has great hands. When the ball is close to him he comes down with it. He's so aggressive. He doesn't miss many balls. I coached Shay Hodge here at Morton too and D.D. can be even better. The thing about D.D. is once he gets in the open field he's gone. Shay was quick but D.D. is quick and fast."

Bowie's speed is electric but he does have some polishing up to do before he hits the college level.

"He still needs to work on his route running. He's a raw talent. He needs to clean up his routes in college. He will in time because they work on routes more than they do here in high school. He just needs to clean up his routes. That's about it. Ole Miss is getting themselves a game breaker. There is no question about that. You'll be hearing D.D's name for a long time."

D.D. has 21 receptions for 704 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also has 676 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. All told Bowie has 1, 688 all-purpose yards this season.

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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