Arizona Western DL Jonathan Kongbo becoming a hot commodity

Jonathan Kongbo out of Arizona Western has had an interesting journey to get to the point of receiving offers from the likes of the Alabama's, Tennessee's and Ole Miss' of the world.

"I didn't play but six games of football in high school," Kongbo said. "I was an All-State player in track, basketball, and hockey in high school. I played in Vancouver and my principle encouraged me to try out for football during my senior season so I went out and played in the last six games."

In just six games of action he was offered by several D1 programs and ended up signing with Wyoming.

"I redshirted at Wyoming last season. I didn't like the direction the program was headed so I transferred to Arizona Western this past summer. I polished up my skills and now I'm being re-recruited."

The 6-foot-6, 265 pound defensive end exploded on the scene this fall with 45 tackles and 12 sacks through the first six games. He published his highlight tape that you see above and the offers started rolling in.

"Ole Miss was the first school to offer me, like three weeks ago. Then I got an offer from Alabama, Tennessee, Nebraska, South Florida, Arizona and Auburn offered me last night."

Jonathan took in an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.

"It was awesome. I really enjoyed my time there with coach (Hugh) Freeze. They bring a family atmosphere to their program. I'm really looking into their program hard. The people there are so friendly. I enjoyed everything about my visit."

Kongbo had never been to the South before his visit to Oxford.

"I had never been down there so I wanted to see what the environment was like at Ole Miss. Football wise I want to be in the right spot so I can be as successful as I can. I found out it's a great place with a lot of good people."

What stood out the most about the visit?

"I would have to say coach Freeze and their staff were the highlight of the trip. I loved the environment and their football stadium. It was packed and alive. They have great support down there."

Where does Ole Miss plan to play Jonathan?

"The same way they use Fadol Brown. They will slide me on the strong side (defensive end) to tackle in different formations. Fadol was actually my host. He told me that what you see is what you get at Ole Miss. He told me that during the recruiting process it all looks good, but what you see at Ole Miss is what you get. I appreciated him being honest with me and telling me like it is down there."

Does their scheme fit his skill set?

"I could see myself in a defense like that. They are very aggressive. The coaches told me the packages they would use me. I think it would allow me to use my skills. I love the Land Shark attitude."

Where does Ole Miss stand in the big picture?

"Ole Miss is definitely in the mix. I'm going to take all five of my visits to determine where I'll end up, but Ole Miss is definitely in my top five. I really enjoyed myself there."

What will the determining factors be when it does come decision time?

"My relationship with the coaches/players and just the environment around the school. That's why I left Wyoming. I don't want to make the same mistake twice."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at 

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