Shyheim Carter talks Ole Miss visit

Shyheim Carter out of Kentwood, LA., spent the weekend at Ole Miss this past weekend. How did his visit go?

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"It was nice just seeing their coaches and seeing Shae (Patterson) again," Carter said. "It's been since summer since I had seen those guys. But mainly I wanted to just get up there and experience what it's like on game day. I had heard a lot about it and I finally got a chance to see it for myself."

Did it meet his expectations?

"It was actually a little better than I was expecting because of the people there. Their coaches and players always make me feel at home, but just the people around their community made me feel so welcomed. I really enjoyed my time there and seeing the game day atmosphere. They get a ton of support. They are crazy about Ole Miss football up there."

Scout's No. 92 overall rated player in the country expanded on the Ole Miss coaches and players.

"Their coaches are like my dad. They all treat me the same, like family. The players treat me the same way. I just always have a great time when I'm up in Oxford. The highlight of my trip would have to be the game and how they played. They dominated Texas A&M in ever facet. I just love football. I love to watch it. It's not as good as playing but it's the next best thing."

Carter eyed the Ole Miss defensive backs during the game.

"I think I fit in good in their scheme. They play a lot of man, but they can't play man the whole game. They mix in some zone and off man. It makes you versatile playing in that defense. You have to be good at everything as a cornerback. But what stands out to me about their defense is just how physical they play. Their defensive backs are not scared to come up and hit you. They make the tackle, and when the ball is in the air, they play aggressive."

The Ole Miss staff had time to talk to him before and after the game.

"They just basically told me that if I come up there I have a chance to play as a freshman. It's all up to me."

Getting to hang out with his good friend, Shea Patterson, was also a highlight during the trip.

"That's my boy. He's like my brother. Nobody can break us apart."

Does that bode well for Ole Miss?

"I still have to do what I have to do to make the right decision, but it's definitely a factor though. To get a chance to play against him everyday in practice; it would just make me that much better of an all around player. I know some of the other guys who are going to Ole Miss in that class too. I'm good friends with a lot of those guys, but it will not be the only factor in my decision."

So far Carter only has one official visit set up.

"I'm going up to Michigan to see them play Ohio State thanksgiving weekend. That's the only official visit I have scheduled right now. I'll probably take the rest of them after my season is over."

Another school who will most likely get a visit is Georgia.

"They are saying the same things as Ole Miss. They want to play me on both sides of the ball. They think I have a chance to play as a freshman there too."

An ace in the hole for Georgia is their director of player personnel, Sam Petitto.

"I knew coach Petitto before he even took the job at Georgia. He's from down the road, Amite, La. He understands where I'm coming from. That's why I started getting interested in Georgia. When they hired him my interest level in them picked up a lot."

Many consider Ole Miss and Georgia as the favorites for Scout's No.7 rated cornerback but that might not be the case.

"I know it's getting late in the process, and some schools should be standing out, but right now nobody does."

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