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A big 27-19 win over Auburn at the right time as the Rebels keep their title dreams alive

AUBURN, Ala. - Ole Miss believed ot had regained its confidence after defeating Texas A&M in Oxford last week, but the Rebels knew winning on the road, at Auburn, was going to be an even bigger test, which they passed 27-19.

DT Robert Nkemdiche: 

On the game: "I felt great getting back out there after missing the A&M game. I felt I owed the team something. We all gave it everything and got a great outcome. We really focused today. We gave up some explosive plays, but we were very focused and very good in the Red Zone. That's all about focus and intensity and to keep fighting. We were cohesive out there, on the same page. For a couple of weeks, we got discombobulated, but we're tight again now and I hope we stay that way." On not looking ahead: "We've been pretty good about staying in the moment, especially the last couple of weeks. We have to play with a chip on our shoulder every play. If we don't, we'll lose and another losss and we're out of it. On Breeland Speaks' play: "He's been amazing, and his play the last three weeks has really taken a lot pressure off of me. I don't have to play 80 plays again. He's cleaned up his technique, he's explosive and he's humble. I love that kid. I just like to watch him play and produce. And he's playing great football."

DB Mike Hilton:

On the Red Zone play: "We were more focused today than I've seen us all year, and that's our intention for the rest of the season. We let Auburn have some big plays to get in the Red Zone and all that did was make us more determined to hold them out. We worked hard all week on Red Zone packages and that paid off." On moving forward: "This game takes our confidence to a whole new level. We had lost our confidence for a week or two, but now we have it back and none of us want to let it go again. I like what we're doing now. We have some things to clean up. We had some busts on those explosive plays, but we played a decent game overall. I think we held them real good on third downs, which has been a focus of ours for the past few weeks. We're getting where we want to be as a defense."

WR Laquon Treadwell:

On the game: "I just had to be patient with the two-high safeties. I knew if we kept running the ball effectively that we'd get single covearge sooner or later and then we'd strike. It worked out perfectly. They brought a safety down and that's when we made them pay and put our foot on their throats. This is a great win for us. I think we needed a road win after our last two road games. I think this could propel us to some great things if we handle it the right way. We just have to be there for each other and keep playing as a team." On his TD catch: "Every player on our team wants to make plays. When I saw single coverage, I felt Chad (Kelly) was going to come to me, and I was ready. It felt good to make a play for the team; that's what I want to be known for." On revenge: "This was not a revenge game for me. It was just another game they wanted to win and we wanted to win. We just had to stay together, stay in the game and be patient for the victory."

QB Chad Kelly:

On the game: "The line played great today. It opened up our run game, which opened up the passing game. It all clicked. The run game was huge. You can't have a passing game if you don't have threat of a run game. Defenses hone in on you on this level if you're one-dimensional. The guys up front want us to run the ball. It all starts with intensity in practice and getting ready before the game. If we'll stay focused and intense, we'll be just fine." On the Auburn defense: "They tried rolling the coverage on Laquon, but we started running the ball on them and hitting other receivers. They had to come off of that and that opened Quon up in single coverage. It all started with the run game. My eyes light up when I see him in single coverage." On Akeem Judd: "He's getting better every week. He runs hard and had a beautiful touchdown run today that gave us a boost. He understands what his job is and how to do it." On the difference of first half and second half: "We just didn't execute the way we should have in the first half. The coaches put us in great positions to win this game going away, but we fumbled and stumbled some stuff away in the first half that kept this from being a really one-sided game. Once we settled down and executed and cut out the mistakes in the second half, we were hard to stop."

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