4-Star DE will arrive at Ole Miss in January

Charles Wiley out of Stockbridge, GA., leads the state of Georgia in sacks with 17. The 6-foot-3, 248-pound defensive end will get a leg up on his college career. He is scheduled to graduate in December and enroll at Ole Miss in January.

Stockbridge made it to the 5A Semifinals last season and this year they are trying to take it a step further.

"We are 9-0," Wiley said. We definitely have a lot of room to improve, but we have a great team. We just have to keep believing in each other. Take it one game at a time and come out every day like it's our last. If we handle our business from Sunday through Thursday; I see no reason we will not be successful on Friday."

The 4-Star defensive end has been a terror for their defense all season.

"I'm having a pretty decent season. I could always be doing better. A lot of people remind me that I lead the state (of Georgia) in sacks, but I really don't think about that stuff. The paper said I have around 53 tackles and 17 sacks. I really had no clue until I read the paper. I just have to keep improving. I just want to improve in every way. People use to say I couldn't get off of my blocks. They said I wasn't using my hands right. So this offseason I went to Willie Whitehead. He played in the (NFL) league for a long time. I came out this fall a whole new Charles."

The All-State performer has played both end and defensive tackle this season.

"It's pretty much 50/50. I actually play tackle a little more than end but it's pretty split. I'm 6-foot-3, 248 pounds so it's not like I really have the body for tackle, but I just use my quickness to cause havoc in the backfield."

What separates Charles from your regular high school lineman is that he's a 248 pound lineman that runs like a skilled athlete. He was electronically clocked at 4.48 seconds the last two summers at the Ole Miss camps. He's one of the state's strongest players too. He already benches over 400 pounds and squats over 550.

"I'm pretty strong for a guy my size so that helps, but my speed is where I get the edge. I don't feel there is a faster defensive end in the country than me. I have the size and strength to go along with it."

Wiley committed to Ole Miss last March. He's never looked back. In just a couple short months he'll begin his four year journey in Oxford.

"Man, I just talked to coach Freeze about this last night. Just how close it is before I get there. I feel like it's the next step in my life. My journey to get to the league one day. I'm coming in swinging when I get to Ole Miss in January. That's why I'm graduating early. I have no other choice but to do good in my mind. That's how I feel about it."

The Defensive Player of the Year in Region 6(5A) last season believes he will bring an added dimension to the table for the Rebels.

"They are a great team. Well rounded. They are just missing a couple key components that they will be bringing in with our recruiting class. Like the Memphis game. Their quarterback had a great game against Ole Miss. That was a big reason why they lost that game. I just think that Marquis Haynes can't do it by himself in getting to the quarterback. Fadol Brown is a beast but he's more of a strong side defensive end. They need another big time pass rusher to go with Marquis. I think I'll bring an added dimension to their defense. They have a great team but with me on one end and Marquis on the other it will be deadly."

What made Ole Miss the right fit for Wiley?

"The first time I went there back my sophomore season I was just going to see the facilities and all. I knew they had an Elite camp going on that day so me and my teammates just went over there and competed. I wanted to show them a little something. They offered me that day. I went back home and it just felt different than the rest of the places I had been. Then I started talking to all of their coaches. It's funny, people ask me who is the coach that recruits you for Ole Miss? I tell them I don't know because I talk to all of their coaches. I don't talk one coach more than the other. I talk to them all the same. I couldn't even tell them the coach who was responsible for recruiting me. That's how they recruit. It's different. Everywhere else you talk to the guy that is recruiting you, then maybe like your position coach and of course their head coach. But Ole Miss, they all have an interest in you. It's just different at Ole Miss."

Charles is trying to round up the best defensive line class in the country.

"Me and Benito Jones are real tight. We are trying to get Jeffery Simmons too. You add us with my boys like Breeland Speaks, Marquis Haynes, D.J. Jones and Fadol Brown. Nothing but good times are ahead for our defense. There's no question in my mind about that. I know that Rashan Gary and Antwuan Jackson are real high on Ole Miss too. I think we are going to have the best recruiting class in the country. I really do. And the thing about it is that eight of us in our class are coming in December. I feel like with this class Ole Miss is about to rip. You get us eight in there in January. Get us on that nutrition and strength program and have for an extra eight months of training before the season starts. That's going to put us ahead of the curve. We'll be ready to make some noise next fall. You can bank on that."

While many commits say they are committed they still flirt around while taking visits to other schools; Wiley isn't one.

"No, you still have all of the schools (Alabama/Georgia/Auburn/Clemson) calling. They tell me my scholarship is still good and ask if I'll just come in for an official visit and all. I tell you like I tell them, I'm good with what I got. I'll take my official visit to Ole Miss when they play LSU. That's it for me."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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