OL Coach Matt Luke knows what his troops are facing in LSU DL

Even though LSU has been somewhat manhandled the last two games, Ole Miss Offensive Line Coach Matt Luke knows they still have a formidable defensive front, coached by one Ed Orgeron, that will demand a very good gameplan and game execution to succeed.

"LSU has a very active defensive front, which you would expect from a unit coached by Coach O," said Luke. "They have big guys in teh middle in Christian LaCouture and Davon Godchaux, a really good freshman defensive end in Arden Key who is long and quick and their sack leader in Lewis Neal at the other end. They are obviously very good and their linebackers and safeties are terrific in run support.

"They move their guys around a lot. You have to be tuned in and know what you are doing against them."

LSU's defense has given up, uncharacteristically, more rushing yards than they are used to in the last two games, to Alabama and Arkansas, but Matt said not to let that fool you.

"Alabama sort of wore them down in the end, but the rest have been big plays," he said. "Nobody but Alabama has been able to move it on them with long, extended drives. We will have to hit some big plays too becasue they are very good, not just up front but all 11 on defense."

On the other hand, the Rebels hav averaged over 200 yards a game on the ground in the last three outings against SEC defenses. Granted, not the best SEC defenses, but SEC defenses nonetheless.

"Certainly, having Laremy (Tunsil) back has allowed us to get some stability up front - moving Fahn Cooper back to right tackle, all of that gave our guards some stability," he noted. "Then, we committed to the run. We gained some confidence in it and we started staying out of third-and-longs as much. We managed the game better on first and second downs by gaining yards on those downs. Earlier, we faced a lot of 3rd-and-longs, but now, since we are able to rush the ball a little better, it's helped us stay ahead of the chains.

"We've been more balanced and that doesn't mean 50-50. It means being able to run it when you have to and throw it when you have to and we have been able to do that lately. I think we are doing something right because we are leading the league in yardds per game and scoring."

How much difference has Laremy made? Asked if he thinks Tunsil is the best offensive lineman in the country, Luyke responded with one word.

"Yes," he emphatically said, no further explanation needed.

He has played three games, 80 plays in his first game, which he admits was taxing; 75 plays against Auburn and then a wire-to-wire effort, including overtime, against Arkansas.

"He's everything you want and more. He is proving he is a complete player and he's making everyone else around him better," Luke commented. "I was expecting to see more mental busts with the rust frfom missing seven games, but he's had hardly any. He's just special."

Right Guard Jordan Sims has burst on the scene as well, starting the last two games and slated to start against LSU.

"He took advantage of Rod Taylor being injured. He is a student of the game and he lost all that weight which allowed him to move better," Luke closed."Jordan has run with his opportunity. Because of Jordan coming around and other guards we have, we may look at Rod at tackle moving forward. He is athletic enough to be one. We'll see."

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