Ole Miss moves to 8-3 (5-2 SEC) on the year following win

Ole Miss improved to 8-3 (5-2 SEC) on the year following its 38-17 win over LSU. Quotes from the locker room.

Mike Hilton:

On the win: “It means everything. I wouldn’t want to go out in a better way than this. It’s a big win for us getting the trophy back. Sets us up for a big game next week. It was a big win, and I’m really enjoying it.” On road team winning the Egg Bowl recently: “Just the crowd noise. Crowd noise can make it really difficult for offenses, and really throw offenses off their rhythm. We’re going to have to practice with a lot crowd noise for the offense and get prepared for it.” On DeMarquis Gates: “Next man step up. That’s the mindset. This is your chance to show what you can do, and DeMarquis Gates really did that. Played well for us and made a lot of plays. Just seeing him at practice and rotating with Denzel, or even just going with the twos, he’s always been out there making plays, making calls and flying to the football. It really paid off for him.” On his game: “I was just going out there doing my job. A lot of things came my way, so I knew I had to make a play. I did, and it was one of my best games.”

Evan Engram:

On his 37-yard touchdown reception: “As soon as I saw the signal, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a touchdown.’ We got Laremy, first of all, the most athletic tackle in the country, out there lead blocking. You’ve got Aaron Morris and Justin Bell down there. We knew it was third-and-long and the defense was going to pass rush. Sold it perfectly. As soon as I saw the signal, I knew it was going to be a big play.” More on the play: “I’ve been waiting a long time. We put it in Texas A&M week before that game. We never really called it, but it was the perfect timing tonight.” Offense the best it’s been? “It’s crazy how things happen, especially (against Arkansas), and we don’t want to talk about that much. It feels really good to get out on the field, and really the only time we get stopped is when we hurt ourselves - penalties, offsides or making a bad read here and there. Nobody’s really been able to stop us, only ourselves. It feels good to be comfortable and to have good chemistry as an offense and do whatever we want against opposing defenses.” On LSU pulling within seven in the third quarter: “It was really scary. It’s SEC West football. Anything can happen, and it’s going to be a dog fight all 60 minutes. No game is won in 30 minutes. As soon as they came out and punched us in the mouth, we had to answer. We got the energy back going through the offense. We scored, and the defense got some energy back. Complimenting each other. The defense gets punched in the mouth, so they look to us to help them out. We drive down a get a score and get them some rest and get them some energy on defense. They made some plays.”

Laquon Treadwell:

On the win: “Fought hard. We came and executed. Defense tackled well. Offensive players made plays, and we got out with a win. Just got to keep pushing. We’ll enjoy this one tonight, come back in the morning and get back to work.” Offense on a roll? “We’re in sync, we’re all in a rhythm. Chad has nine, 10 games under his belt. Younger guys stepping up, other guys looking to make plays they haven’t been making in the last couple of years. They’ve got their confidence and swagger. Akeem Judd is running the ball well, Jaylen Walton making people miss in space. Everybody’s doing what they’ve got to do, and they’re doing it to the best of their ability. We’re clicking out there.” What does Mississippi State rivalry mean to you? “It’s a big one. For the state of Mississippi, it’s a big one overall. It’s bragging rights for the fans and the players from Mississippi. The seniors, we want to send them out with another good win. The away team hasn’t won in the last few years. We want to go there and get a win, get out of there and hope things fall our way for the bowl predictions.”

DeMarquis Gates: 

On his game: “I was just trying to play hard, make all the tackles I could make. Be in the right alignment, play my assignment and make the play when it came my way. Really, it’s just a team thing. Our defense, our d-line got after it. They opened up the holes. It was a perfect fit for me.” On what he thought when he heard Denzel Nkemdiche was out: “Step up. Time to play. Time to get on it and show everybody what I can do. Show them how I can help this team be top-tier. Denzel, he’s all right. I talked to him yesterday. He’ll be back. I just played my role and stepped up when I need to.” More on Nkemdiche: “That’s our brother, and this is a family here. When one of our brothers goes down, somebody has to step up. We have to come together. That’s what makes us one, that’s what makes us stronger. We can lose somebody, but that helps build us up and play better. We came out banging, banging, banging.” On getting the Nkemdiche news: “When we got the news. I was next in line, next on the depth chart. I already knew it was time to step up. I ain’t a sophomore, really. I’m in there. I gotta step up and play my game. That’s what happened.”

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