Former Michigan OT Takes in Ole Miss Visit

Logan Tuley-Tillman out of Peoria, IL., was working towards earning the starting left tackle spot for Michigan this season until an off the field incident has left him looking for a new school. One of the candidates is Ole Miss. The 6-foot-7, 310-pounder visited Oxford this past weekend.

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"It was an awesome experience," Tuley-Tillman said. "The game was great. Their game-day atmosphere was even better than I anticipated. They really get into their team at Ole Miss."

The former Under Armour All-American entered the visit not knowing much about the campus and town.

"I had seen them play on tv a bunch, but I didn't know anything else about Ole Miss. I reached out them to let them know I was interested, and we started talking ever since. The trip went even better than I anticipated. They have a lot of history and tradition at Ole Miss. I love how they play offensively. It fits my style. They like to play you out in space and let your athleticism take over. That's what I do best. They are losing both of their starting tackles so there are some opportunities for whoever comes in there. Right now they are my number one school. I just like the situation at Ole Miss' right now. I feel comfortable with their staff and like where the team is headed. They really need to fill those offensive tackle slots. I think I can be one of those guys."

Logan still has several more schools he would like to see before making a decision.

"I'm definitely going to see some more schools. Ole Miss was my first trip, but I plan on seeing several more.

"I'm going to South Florida and Louisville for sure. I have been talking to Florida State and North Carolina a lot too. I haven't set up any dates yet, but I plan on seeing all four of those schools before I decide."

The redshirt sophomore is scheduled to graduate in May so he'll have two years remaining of eligibility.

"I have 20 more hours to go before I graduate. I plan on staying here at Michigan until I complete my degree. I'm on track to graduate in May though."

In order for him to transfer to an SEC school he will have to go through a couple steps before he's accepted.

"I have to get the legal thing figured out and one hundred percent finished before I can officially sign papers. I have to get a waiver from the SEC and display to them how I graduated in three years and how I'm rectifying my mistakes and show them I will have a clean record once the process is done. It's a process I have to deal with because of my mistakes. It's the hand I dealt myself."

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