Top 300 national prospect has five schools in mind

Jacob Mathis out of Tampa, Fla., has only taken one official visit to this point. Scout.'s No. 11 rated tight end has an idea on who the other four colleges he will visit.

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Jacob Mathis' season at Berkeley Preparatory School has been completed. He finished the year with 29 catches for 506 yards and seven touchdowns.

"It went pretty good," Mathis said. "It was fun. Now it's on to the next level. I have basketball coming up. I'm getting ready for that. Trying to get back into basketball shape."

Mathis feels like hoops can help his football game as well.

"It helps with my hand eye coordination. You catch a lot of balls in a lot of directions. It only helps my hands. It helps with my footwork as well. I have been playing basketball way longer than I have football. I have more fun with football so I decided that was going to be my main sport. I just play hoops in the offseason to help me out for football."

Scout's No. 250 ranked overall player ran an impressive 4.65 forty at the Nike Regional's this past spring.

"Catching the ball is my best attribute. I have really good hands. I just catch it and run around and make plays. I have pretty good ball skills."

Improvements can come from all areas.

"I need to improve on every part of my game. Obviously I need to hit the weight room and get a lot bigger and stronger. I kind of have that basketball body. I just need to get more physical for the next level."

The 6-foot-5, 230-pound tight end has taken one official visit and plans visit the other four in January.

"I visited Michigan in October. It was a great experience. I haven't set up anymore yet. I'll take the rest of my visits in January. I'll probably go visit Alabama, Ole Miss, Florida, and Georgia."

When did the interest start between Ole Miss and Jacob?

"They were actually my first scholarship offer. They offered me my sophomore season. I have been on their campus a few times. I'll probably go back up there in January."

Who recruits Mathis for Ole Miss?

"Really their whole offensive staff recruits me. Coach (Chris) Kiffin is the guy who recruits this area. He's the one I talk to the most, but I talk to coaches Freeze and Werner a lot. I really talk to all of their offensive coaches."

The Tampa resident has done his homework on the Rebels and likes what he sees.

"Like I said I have been down there a few times already. I like the family environment. I like their coaches too. I like the fact that all of their players are a pretty tight knit group. I like the community they're in. Everybody is just really friendly up there. Football wise I feel like I'm a really good fit in their offense. They spread the field pretty well. Their tight ends have a lot of success in their offense. They like to split them out wide and get them in open spaces. They run the ball too and move the tight end all over the field. That is something I can be good at doing. I like how they have used Evan Engram. We have a lot the same attributes."

What's going on with Alabama?

"They just have a really intense football program. Everyday you practice against the best players in the country. They just have a great football program that does a good job of getting their players to the league."

Georgia has always been high on his list?

"I've been down there a couple times and have done my research.  It's a great school."

The Gators have the home state pull.

"I just have been over there so many times. I know a lot of people at Florida."

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