Four-star DB talks MS-AL selection, recruiting and more

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Four-star defensive back Nigel Knott sat down with Yancy Porter of the Ole Miss Spirit to discuss his MS-AL All-Star selection, recruiting and more.

On the MS-AL game experience:

“Walking through the gate, didn’t really know what to expect. Just see people in uniforms and stuff like that, just thought a drill sergeant would come out. We just started hitting the ground and doing pushups. It was kind of weird at first, but we finally got here and pretty much talking with the guys.”

On what he expects this week:

“A lot of fun, actually. It’s going to be a lot of talking and stuff like that with Mississippi guys going against Mississippi guys and stuff like that. After that, we get to go against Alabama, and that’s what everybody’s waiting for.”

On snapping team Alabama’s seven-game win streak:

“It’s very important just doing it with the class we have in with us today on the Mississippi team. Definitely should come out with the win. My goal is just off-man. I kind of struggle with it a little bit. In this game you can do off-man and cover three, so I’ve just been working on that a lot and ready to showcase.”

On recent home visits:

“Ole Miss, Mississippi State. That was pretty much it. I know we have Alabama coming by this upcoming Sunday. Also, Mississippi State and Ole Miss. All of that will be Sunday.”

On what MSU and Ole Miss said to him:

“I’ve been to Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Pretty much they don’t really have anything they can tell me that’s new because I’ve been on the campuses so much. It’s kind of just coming down and talking to family and making memories.”

More on Mississippi State:

“At one time the track coach also did a home visit because I am considering track as well. That was a new thing. It was actually the first track coach to come.”

On which coaches stopped by:

“From Ole Miss it was coach (Derrick) Nix, coach (Jason) Jones and coach Hayes or something like that. From Mississippi State it was coach (Greg) Knox and coach (Deshea) Townsend.”

On if all of his schools of interest are open to Knott running track:

“Pretty much all of them pretty much told me I have an opportunity to run track, just got to let them know.”

On if he’s set up any official visits:

“No, sir, but my officials are going to have to happen in January, and in that January month there’s only time for three weekends. So there’s only three official visits, but I have four left. I’m going to have to do something. I may have to do something during the week.”

On what he’s going to be looking for on his official visits:

“It’s pretty much outside of football. It’s pretty much hanging out with the players and stuff like that, what they do in their free time and classes and stuff like that. You kind of get the same vibe from the football program. Everybody has a pretty decent school to where you do have the opportunity to go to the NFL. So when it comes to where I want to go, I’m looking past that.”

On if a school’s depth chart will play a factor:

“It’s definitely something to look at when it comes to me, but it’s nothing that I would pay too much of a factor to.”

On the No. 1 factor in his recruitment:

“Probably just that gut feeling.”

On if he’ll make a decision at the Under Armour game:

“Most likely not because I have to take my officials.”

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