Though other schools remain in pursuit, Lenton still solid with Florida

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Three-star DB Quincy Lenton has been committed to Florida for some time now, and while other schools continue to pursue him, he's holding firm.

On his senior season:

“My senior season didn’t go how I wanted it to go considering my injury. But when I came back, I had some success in the playoffs. I’ve definitely been working on my cover skills. I’m trying to get more physical for college. I’m 6-foot, 190. I’d like to get a little bigger, but mostly faster.”

On the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game:

“I get to play with a lot of people that I grew up with in and out of counties and stuff. I’m just excited. It’s important (to snap Alabama’s seven-game win streak), and I think everybody knows that that’s with us. That’s why I think we’ll win this time around.”

On what he’s looking to get out of this week:

“I just want to see where I am as a player as far as stepping up to the next level. I heard they’ve got some talent at receiver. I’m ready to get out there.”

On his recruitment/commitment to Florida: 

“Everything’s still solid with Florida right now. I like the collegiate atmosphere, I like how the college shows love. I also like my opportunities to get on the field because they have more DBs than other teams on the field at one time.”

On if he’s still hearing from other schools:

“Ole Miss, State, Auburn and Georgia still.”

On if any schools have visited recently:

“Florida was supposed to come this week, but they’ll just come see my parents while I’m up here.”

On if he’s set up any official visits:

“I just know I’m supposed to go to Florida sometime in January, but that’s all.”

On Ole Miss and the possibility of an official visit: 

“They want me to come down, but I’m not sure if I’m going. My official in Florida is supposed to be in January, so it’s (all about) the dates.”

More on official visits:

“I haven’t talked to them about an official yet. I talked to Ole Miss about an official. I haven’t set one (with Georgia). We probably talked about it, but I haven’t set a specific time.”

On if Florida would mind him taking visits:

“We haven’t really talked about it. I think they would care.”

On the most important factor in his recruitment:

“It’s mostly get on the field. I want to get on the field as soon as I touch down in college. You have teams like Ole Miss, I think I can get in at State. I’m not really sure about Georgia and Auburn.”

On if he feels pressure to stay in Mississippi for college:

“It doesn’t play a big role, but I can see where they’re coming from. I really just want to start over, just go off somewhere and find myself.”

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