Four-star OT hearing from no shortage of schools

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Four-star OL Scott Lashley has four schools he's currently favoring. Another, Ole Miss, is attempting to get back in the game. Lashley talks his recruitment and more, including his Mississippi All-Star selection, with Yancy Porter of the Ole Miss Spirit.

On the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game:

“It’s just exciting to come play in an environment like this. Great competition. They picked the top-40 in Mississippi and the top-40 in Alabama. To be able to make it, to be amongst those guys and coming up here and competing and getting better.”

On if he has something to prove this week:

“A lot of people didn’t know about me because last year (his junior year) was my first year ever playing football. I kind of shocked myself with the rankings and things like that. It was a new feel. Last year I played tight end. This year I played offensive tackle. It was really my first year starting at the position I’m being recruited for. It’s really a lot to process right now.”

On what he wants to work on:

“Really just about the technique, since pretty much everyone here is Division-I and defensive line All-Americans and Dandy Dozen. Just go full speed, 100 percent. It’s going to be a good competition. Win some, lose some. It’s just a part of the game.”

On his recruitment: 

“Right now I’ve got an official set out to Oregon (Jan. 22). Other than that, I know I was looking to LSU, Mississippi State, Alabama and Auburn. But I’m not sure if I’ll visit all those places with the dead period coming up.”

On Oregon:

“I know the coach’s is a real cool guy. He came down here all the way from Oregon to personally offer me. He called my mom, talked to my mom on the phone. I just want to get out there, see how it feels. Just get out of the South, basically.”


“Coach (Jeff) Grimes is a real cool guy. Real good guy. Ever since I want to say February since we started talking, it’s been consistent. He gives me tips, basically, for technique. It translates to my film. He’s a real cool guy. Laid back, but at the same time, you look at his resume and he puts a lot of offensive linemen in the NFL.”

On Auburn:

“Coach (J.B.) Grimes from Auburn, very cool guy. Very good guy. Came down to my high school in the offseason, talked to me and watched me work out. He’s losing (Shun) Coleman at left tackle, so he said I could come in and compete and also learn the position. Just like every other coach, they’re not going to put you out there until you’re ready. I’m new to this game. If I redshirt, if I go out there and play, I’m just doing whatever to help the team.”

On Mississippi State:

“Coach (John) Hevesy came by my house last week and sat down and talked to my parents. I’ve been over to Mississippi State a lot of times. He give some pointers also about things (like) what to do on the field as far as hand placement, feet and things like that. Those small things also play a factor when I go out there and play. Very cool guy, very animated guy, very high-tempo. On your tail all the time, but some people need that motivation. He’s a very good guy.”

On if he’s hearing from Ole Miss:

“Coach (Matt) Luke is a good guy. I had talked to him off and on. They really just started coming back recruiting me hard towards the end of last month. Him and coach Barney (Farrar) came out and talked to me and told they were losing Laremy Tunsil and things like that. Mainly they see in a few years me becoming a good athlete, a potential NFL Draft pick.”

On if Ole Miss approached him about an official visit:

“They have. They talked to my mom about it. I’m not sure what’s the dates they have set up right now. But I’m still in the process of trying to make a decision of visiting them and the rest of the colleges.”

On what Ole Miss needs to do to get back in it:

“A little bit of the interest, but the thing with recruiting is a lot of coaches will text you every day, but really just trying to find a coach that fits me. Coaches leave, so I’m really just trying to figure out, one, if they’re staying. Alabama defensive guy (Kirby Smart) left and went to Georgia. Coaches leave. It’s about trying to find a good place, a good fanbase and things like that. A good place that I know that can fit me. Ole Miss is a good place. I went up there a few times. I’ve got to take my mom up there if I do take a visit up there just to see how she looks at it. She looks at it from a different perspective than I do. Once she gets up there, she may or may not like it. She’s my other half. She thinks differently from how I do.”

On the narrative that he’s headed to Mississippi State because of his Bulldog uncle:

“None this season has he asked me anything about recruiting. After my season, he asked me a little bit about it. It was just one question, ‘What are you thinking about now?’ I had told him I’m still undecided. That’s all he said. He doesn’t force me to go anywhere. He just told me to let him know before I make a decision so we can look into it and he can sit down with my mom and things like that. Mississippi State, people think I’m going to go there because of him. But in actuality, he doesn’t force me to go anywhere. He told me wherever I go, he’s proud of me just for getting the opportunity to go to a Division-I college since I’ve been playing two years.”

More on Mississippi State: 

“I’ve been familiar with it. All my life I’ve lived 10 minutes away from Starkville. Being around the area all the time, going to the games when I was little, always being around Mississippi State, it’s always a feel. But sometimes change is different. Going out of state or going to a different college within the state could be good. Really just figuring out a better place for me and not for my uncle.”

On when he could make a decision:

“It’s probably going to be around signing day. I wasn’t sure about making my decision before then.”

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