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Hattiesburg, Miss. - Raekwon Davis out of Meridian has had a great week of preparation for the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star classic. The 6-foot-7, 325-pound lineman is playing nose guard this week and has shined each day.

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Raekwon Davis has always wanted to play on the defensive line on the next level. This week he is getting that chance and is out to show people he belongs.

"I'm just letting people know that I have improved on my techniques," Davis said. "I've just been working and want to show people that I've still been working and still been at it. I'm constantly grinding to try and work on my craft. I just want to show everyone what I got this week."

Team Mississippi is loaded this year on the defensive line. He's playing next to the likes of Benito Jones, Jeffery Simmons, Kobe Jones, Dre Porter, Hal Northern and company.

"We are really loaded. I love them guys. We talk like we are a family. I can't wait to play in the game with them boys."

The recruiting within the ranks has been steady all week.

"It is. They just want me to be a part of the family and stay home in Mississippi, whether it's Ole Miss or Mississippi State. They want me to stay instate. Benito and Simmons have talked to me a lot. They just want me to make sure I go where my heart is at."

Home visits started last week.

"Mississippi State came by Sunday. Coach Turner and Hughes came by. They want me to be a part of their program and stay instate. They know I've progressed a lot from last year. They know I'm still developing and need to work on my technique, but they want me to stay instate. They want to be the ones to show me and work on me with my technique."

Anybody else been by?

"Florida State and LSU came by the school. That's all I can think of right now."

Any officials been set up?

"Mississippi State (1/15) and Bama. Those are the only two right now. I have not set up my visit with Bama yet. I don't know if it will be before State or after the State visit. It could be somewhere between, but I'm getting it set up."

Who else would he like to visit before signing?

"I haven't decided yet."

Where does Ole Miss stand with Davis right now?

"I'm still looking at them. I'm committed to Alabama but my options are still open. Coach Barney (for Ole Miss) is going to stop by when I get back. I love the coaches at Ole Miss. I love their defensive line and head coach. C.J. Hampton is someone I look up to. He's someone that's like a brother. He told me that he's comfortable up there, but I need to be comfortable for me. I still listen to him because I look up to him. He's like a big brother to me. He told me, well I know for a fact, it's great coaching up there. I know how they are doing C.J. so I see things. I know if I go up there it will be great for me."

What stands out about State?

"Coach (David) Turner is a great coach. I love the way they rotate a lot of people in and out. They want to me come in as a true freshman and start."

What about Alabama?

"I love their coaches, and I love their players. We have a great relationship. Coach Saban, I love talking to him every chance I get. I love coach Saban. And coach Bo Davis. He's a great guy. I love talking to him too. They have some great coaches."

Who needs Scout's No. 15 ranked defensive tackle the most?

"I really can't say. I just know that a lot of coaches are recruiting me really hard right now."

Does Alabama mind the No.120 rated overall player taking other visits?

"We have never talked about it. We just keep it real when we talk."

Florida State could be in line for a visit as well.

"They want me up there. I'm probably going to visit them on an official up there as well. They are a great team. I love the way they play the young guys. Coach Tim Brewster is a great coach as well."

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