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Dre Porter out of Batesville, Miss., will have to make a pit stop to a junior college for the next two years before he enrolls at a D1 university.



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Dre Porter has won a lot of games and a couple championships at South Panola but this year they just didn't get it done.

"It does feel weird not winning it," Porter said. "We won it my freshman and junior seasons but not this year. We just couldn't get clicking at the right time. I give Madison Central a lot of credit though. They just came out an beat us."

The 6-foot-4, 203-pound defensive end feels like he still saw some improvements in his game.

"I had a good senior year. I had around 53 tackles and seven sacks. I feel like I got faster. A little bit faster. I feel like I gained a little bit of weight. I weighed in at 203 in Hattiesburg (for the MS/AL All-Star game). I came into the season at about 195 pounds so I gained a little bit a weight. I still have a lot to go though."

Porter had a chance to showcase his talents for Team Mississippi against Alabama.

"I feel like we had a dominant offensive line. We just all gelled and really came together. It was nice being a part of a group that stopped the losing streak. We took it to them. We were more hungry than those guys."

A couple of the college recruiters came by to see the All-State performer before the dead period started.

"I'm hearing from State and Ole Miss. They have been talking about how they want get me down there and all that. Coaches Townsend and Diaz came by the school last week. Coach Freeze came by and stopped to me too. They wanted to check up on my grades. He wanted to know how they were looking and all that. They are looking better but I have to get my math. I've got to go to a junior college for a couple years so I can get into school."

Porter has plans to get an early start and enroll at a junior college in January with hopes he can enter college with 3 years to play 3.

"I'm definitely going to enroll at a junior college in January. I haven't made up my mind where I'm going to enroll. A lot of the junior colleges from around here are trying to recruit me to their school. I just haven't decided yet."

Did the Ole Miss and MSU staffs encourage him to go to a particular junior college?

"That decision is mine to where I want to go. They are letting me pick to where I want to go. I always make my own choices so my choice is the better choice. I'm still committed to State, but I'm going to go ahead and go to a junior college for a couple years."

The South Panola standout has begun to take a harder look at Ole Miss after the interest picked up as of late.

"At first colleges have high hopes for you. Then it comes down a little bit but it's back to how it was at the start. They are showing me a lot more love now, but it's not all about the love. You have to go to the best place for you and your family. I have high hopes for them too. I like Ole Miss a lot."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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