Tennessee on tap for this weekend

Marquez Callaway out of Warner Robins, GA., will start the official visit tour with Tennessee this weekend. He makes the trek to Mississippi State next weekend and finishes with Ole Miss the last weekend in January. Scout's No. 136 overall rated player is ready to get the officials started.

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Marquez Callaway has been a two-way star for his high school during his stay at Warner Robins. Although he sees himself as more of a receiver than defensive back he hasn't closed the door for any of the positions.

"I think I'm a good receiver because I have played both receiver and defensive back," Callaway explained. "I have the mind set of a defensive back at receiver. It gives me an edge. But when I'm playing defensive back I know what all the routes the receivers are going to run. I don't know where I'm going to play on the next level to be honest."

Does he prefer one over the other?

"It matters but not a lot. I kind of prefer receiver, but a lot of people think I'm going to be a better defensive back in college than receiver. I always had the mind set that I'll play receiver in college, but now I'm just kind of going with the flow. Some colleges are telling me I can play on both sides. It's hard to know."

The main schools involve have mixed opinions as well.

"A lot of them have just offered me as an athlete. Tennessee, MSU, and Ole Miss like me as a receiver. Clemson just offered me as a defensive back. Ohio State offered me to play on either side of the ball. They just want me on their team. Florida State likes me at corner. Georgia likes me at safety."

Marquez has not taken any official visits to this point but gets his journey started today.

"I'm going to Tennessee this weekend, MSU next, and Ole Miss the last weekend. I might take a couple mid-week visits. I don't know yet. I'll definitely visit those three schools though."

When did the Rebels start getting involved?

"They have been recruiting me for a while now. I started getting a lot of followers from them on social media. I always liked Ole Miss so naturally I started liking them more when I started to get to know their coaches. We started talking a lot after my season was over. They like me at receiver because they feel like I have the mindset of a defensive back. They like for their receivers to play with a nasty streak to them. Like Treadwell."

What got Callaway interested in Ole Miss?

"They just always caught my eye in recruiting. There was something about them I started liking back when I first got in high school. I like how they play. When they started recruiting Jake Fromm; I always heard great things from his coaches about Ole Miss. I know some of his coaches really well. They said Ole Miss was the best school that they had seen out of all of them. I don't know. I just like Ole Miss."

What stands out about Mississippi State?

"My relationship I have built with their coaches stands out the most. I went to one of their camps and got a chance to really get to know their coaches. I got acquainted with a lot of their coaches and built a great relationship with coach (Billy) Gonzales. He comes over here to visit with me a lot. They are losing some receivers. They want me to come in there and play as a freshman."

What's going on with the instate school, Georgia?

"I have not talked to them in a long time. They let go of the coach who use to recruit me, so."

No timeframe has been set on a decision.

"I have a lot of new schools who are trying to get into the picture now. I might try and take a couple of midweek visits to compare everyone. I thought I had it down to those three schools, but it's kind of confusing. I just want to see as many places as possible and go from there."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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