Four-star CB is down to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Alabama

One of Ole Miss, Mississippi State or Alabama is going to land four-star cornerback Nigel Knott.

That is, if his mom, Sabrina Givens, has anything to say about it.

Knott visited Ole Miss officially over the weekend, and Givens was among those who accompanied him. She said the visit went well, and the familiarity with the school was a plus. Givens once attended Ole Miss, and the family had long established a strong relationship with Ole Miss wide receivers coach Grant Heard, tight ends coach Maurice Harris and running backs coach Derrick Nix.

“It was pretty good,” she said of the trip. “We knew everybody. I knew the Heards and stuff like that. We had fun. We know everybody here, and we knew the campus. It was smooth. And Coach Nix, we’ve been seeing him a lot since the visits and stuff like that when they opened up the home visits. We’ve really got a good relationship with him. I told him and coach Harris that I didn’t mean any harm towards the host or stuff like that, but we know them. We felt like we’re already close to them, so when it came to us asking a question, that’s who we would go to. And they didn’t mind that. They loved that we did that.

“I’m used to (Ole Miss). I was pointing out stuff yesterday to my husband and my mom. Coach Nix was on the bus with us last night when we were going to one of the trips or something that we had. The thing is, I was pointing out stuff. I was saying, ‘I used to stay right here. I used to walk to class because I would stay in the family housing. There’s your things over there, and here’s this right here.’ Stuff like that. I even asked questions like, ‘We used to eat at the cafeteria right by the clock tower.’ I went to school here. Nigel was born here in ’98.”

Givens said Nix has been great throughout the recruiting process.

“He’s amazing,” she said. “He’s helped us out through thick and thin. He’ll tell Nigel, ‘Look, we’re not pressuring you. We want you to go where you feel like you’re comfortable.’ He tell him he needs to watch out for this and that. He’s really helped out along the way, and he was telling us this is home for him. 

“I just wanted to find out about the coaches and the ones that were going to be there with him. Coach Nix would not be his coach. I wanted to see them and talk to them. (Jason Jones) is a nice person. Quiet and stuff. He’s a little jittery sometimes. ‘Are you OK? You sure you’re OK?’ But we really enjoy him, too.”

Givens focused didn’t focus so much on the football side of things.

“I was more concerned about how he would be here in the environment, how everybody would treat him, school and stuff like that,” she said. “Now as for football, I don’t care where he plays.

“They have amazing counselors and staff to help them. I told him he needs to look and see his major. If he’s going to major in finance and minor in communications or vice versa, he needs to see which one is the one that’s going to put him out there the most and help him. We can’t base everything on a relationship with a coach because they’re all the time getting fired or retiring or going to something better.”

Givens said she didn’t approach the topic of the recent Yahoo! report on Ole Miss and the NCAA.

“I didn’t bring it up,” she said. “It was something that didn’t come up. If they had brought it up, I would have talked about it. But that’s something I didn’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to know. Whatever happened, happened. This is a good school. I do think it was kind of crazy how the NCAA brought that out when they did. That was crazy.”

The 5-foot-11, 174-pound Knott will make his college choice Monday, which is his birthday. Givens wasn’t sure of the location, though she thought it was at his school, Germantown (Miss.) High School in Madison. His announcement is set for 1:30 p.m.

“It’s all the same,” she said. “Honestly, to me, I think Alabama, Mississippi State and Ole Miss were all the same to him. Oregon was up there on that list, but we didn’t go for that. It’s too far. He knows that we’re all close as a family. I think he’s really torn between those three. He’s got family at State, which is his sister. I went there a little while also. His dad played here. His God-dad played here. I went here. He was born here. He feels like he has ties here. My mom’s dad played at Alabama and stuff like that, and his dad is in Alabama. He’s trying to figure out do I want to be in Alabama because my dad is there, or do I want to be at Ole Miss because my dad played here, my God-dad played here and I know some of the players here. Or do I want to be at Mississippi State because my sister is right there if I need her. He’s got family there, too. Her grandparents are there, too. Today, I know for a fact he’s going to be in the backseat and he’s not going to be talking to anybody with his headphones on. I know what he’s doing.”

“I’m content, as long as it’s one of the three.”


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