Rommel Mageo will will come to Ole Miss for his final year from Oregon State

The Ole Miss Rebels need help at the linebacker spots for 2016. Help is on the way in the form of one Rommel Mageo, a graduate transfer from Oregon State, who will come to Ole Miss in June and will be eligible for his final year of collegiate football in 2016, the upcoming season.

Rommel Mageo, a 6-2, 233-pound linebacker from Pago Pago, American Samoa, via Oregon State, wants a shot at winning big against the best competition in the country.

Consequently, he was not content staying at Oregon State, where he has been for the first four years of his college ball.

"It's been great here, but I'm going to graduate in early June and I have one more year of eligibility," said Rommel. "I want to use my final year in the SEC at a school that has a chance to go all the way and that needs help at linebacker. Ole Miss was everything I was looking for.

"The SEC is the best and I want to play against the best.  Ole Miss is a program that intrigued me because they are a program on the rise and a program that has already beaten the best (Alabama). Plus, they need help at linebacker."

Mageo looked at Ole Miss' 2016 schedule and could not resist.

"I like to be challenged. Ole Miss has a great schedule this year, starting off with Florida State. If you love challenges, like I do, there could be no better challenge than an SEC schedule with FSU to get things going as an OOC opponent."

Mageo started 10 games last year for the Beavers and registered 87 tackles. His best games were the two biggest - rival Oregon and Michigan.

"I had 11 tackles against Oregon, but I thought my best game was against Michigan. I had eight tackles, a sack and a pick," he stated, "but I don't want to give the impression I only do well in big games. I give my all no matter who we are playing. I just happened to come up big in those two games. I respect every opponent and treat them all the same."

As a freshman and sophomore, the Beavers ran a 4-3 and he played MLB. Last year, they switched to a 3-4 and Mageo played inside. He anticipates being on the inside at Ole Miss in the Rebs' 4-2-5, but said he can play outside as well.

"I feel I am a complete player. I understand the game and I study my opponent a lot. I believe I have good instincts and a nose for the ball," he closed. "I'm excited to show those qualities to the Ole Miss coaches."

Mageo will graduate in June from Oregon State and will immediately head to Ole Miss.

He will be immediately eligible and have one year (2016) at Ole Miss.

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