Signal caller talks visits

Allan Walters made the trek from Paramus, NJ., to Ole Miss this past Saturday. The rising junior made a couple of stops along the way.

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"My dad and I arrived in Oxford Friday for their Junior Day," Walters said before checking in Saturday. "This is my second trip to Ole Miss. I came over last summer for their football camp. I threw for coaches Freeze and (Dan) Werner. That's when they offered me."

What did he learn about the Rebels on the first visit?

"I learned a lot. Coach Werner has a great quarterback mind. He has a great mind for the passing game. He taught me a lot while I worked out with him. I learned more about the program and Ole Miss and how family oriented it is. I really enjoyed it."

What was he hoping to get out of the OM Junior Day trip?

"I'm just hoping to get more familiar with the coaching staff and the players and the atmosphere there. I want to keep building my relationships with coaches Werner and Freeze, most importantly."

What stands out about Ole Miss right now?

"Just how they progressively keep rising in the SEC each year. They just keep getting better. The family feel here is something different that Ole Miss offers. Coach Freeze really just revolves his program around family. That is something that really interests me. It's just such a close knit group. Everybody talks about how close that program is and it's true. It's just different."

The Rebel passing attack led the SEC in passing offense last season.

"Coach Werner did a great job with Chad Kelly. Chad lit it up this year. As I said coach Werner has a great passing mind. Coach Werner really knows what he is doing. They spread the ball out and get the ball to the perimeter and get the ball to their playmakers. They have a huge offensive line. I really am interested to see what Chad can do this year because he had a great year last season, but I'm really expecting him to have an even bigger senior season."

What does Allen bring to the table as a quarterback?

"I'm more of a drop back kind of guy, read a defense, and kind of sling it all over the field. This offseason I've been working on becoming more of a dual threat type of quarterback. I've been running track so I've gotten a lot faster. I got my 40 down to right under a 4.8 so I've gotten much faster. But I like to typically drop back, scan a defense, and make a read. Do a lot of run/pass option and do a lot of throwing the ball, but I've started running the ball a lot more."

Does Ole Miss' offense fit Walters' skill set?

"Definitely. As I said, coach Werner is one of the best coaches in the country for a quarterback like me."

Who are the main schools involved?

"Obviously Ole Miss, and I visited Alabama and they offered me this summer. Vandy, Mississippi State, and Michigan as well. I want to visit Kentucky tool. Arkansas just offered me so I'm going to take a visit there. Those are the main schools right now, but I want to take a visit to Florida this summer. They haven't offered me yet, but I want to get that offer because I'm interested in Florida."

A few of the SEC schools and Michigan seem to be showing the most love right now.

"They can't really reach out to me, but the schools that have been telling me to call them the most and wanting me to visit are mostly the SEC schools like Alabama and Ole Miss. Michigan is really on me hard. They want me to get back up there and visit. Mostly all of the SEC schools that I have offers from."

Michigan has snagged several of Allen's teammates including last year's No.1 recruit in Rashan Gary. Is there any pressure to join them?

"They are definitely keeping that in the back of my mind. They are like, look, it's a pipe line school from New Jersey. A lot of Paramus Catholic players are coming over there so that's something they are trying to keep in the back of my mind. They are trying to get a New Jersey to Ann Arbor pipe line going. But you know I have to make my own decision for what's best for me."

Which conference is more appealing. SEC or Big 10?

"I like the SEC personally. I just like the schools down South., the weather. The schools are beautiful down here. Besides the football, I have to see where I want to go to as a student as well, not just as a football player. That's something I'll take really into consideration. Can I see myself going there as a student as well."

Where next?

"This is it for me. Ole Miss was my last stop. I'll take some more visits this summer. I'll stop back by Ole Miss, Alabama and Michigan this summer. Florida as well and maybe a few others, depending on my schedule.

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