Senior wide receiver leading the way with Treadwell and Core gone

Quincy Adeboyejo is embracing his role as leader of a loaded Ole Miss wide receiver corps.

On what he worked on in the spring: Being more physical. I’ve been playing not only inside but also trying to get some work on the outside. That calls for you got to be more physical, blocking on screens and stuff. That’s one thing I’ve been trying to work on, being more physical.

Physical just a mindset? It’s a mindset thing mostly, 99 percent of the time. Sometimes being small, skinny guy blocking a linebacker is tough because they’re bigger than you.

Change your body with balancing getting bigger and not losing speed? I’ve been trying to gain weight. It hasn’t really been working. This summer, that’s one thing I’m going to try to do to get up to 205. I’ve never been there, so I don’t know what it’ll feel like, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sustain my speed.


Progress in becoming more physical? Like I said, it is a mindset, and when I first got out there I really didn’t know how physical you actually had to be. I got pushed around a few times. I had to come out there with a different mindset and block harder than the first days I was out there.


How is offense different without Laquon Treadwell and Cody Core? Those are big-time players on the outside. As a group, we’re just trying to step up and we’re trying to better each other so we don’t lose any steps.


Losing Treadwell and Core change preparation? It really doesn’t change anything. We go out there as hard workers. We’ll probably have to step up and catch a few more passes. We’re going to work hard regardless.


Thoughts on young guys? They’ve come a long way because when you first get in here not knowing the plays you can lack in plays, just thinking too much. Those guys are more comfortable knowing the plays, Van (Jefferson) and (Damarkus) Lodge, they’re a lot more comfortable. You can see it on the field.


What goes into breaking into rotation as true freshman? I think that one thing that’s the hardest and that people don’t know is knowing the playbook. I seen guys who probably could play as a freshman but not knowing that playbook, that’ll hold you back. Those guys coming in are really good players, and that’s going to better the whole room. They’re all going to compete. We’re all going to compete for the spots. It’s just going to better every person in the room.


Taking leadership role? Leaders aren’t picked, it just kind of happens. I’ve been trying to step up and get guys going. When we’re down, just try to be a leader out there.

On lessons learned from last year being close to Atlanta: Just probably prepare harder. I feel like we had some great practices last year, but there was some days we lagged off.


What’s it like with Shea Paterson and Jason Pellerin? It’s coming along. We stay after practice sometimes and throw. In the summer, we’re going to get a lot of throws in. It’ll get better and better.

What do you think of those two? I think there’s some really good playmakers. It seems like they’re getting better and getting more comfortable every day. The sky’s the limit for those two.

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