Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco was impressed with the way the Rebels swung against Arkansas

Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco talked about his offense's impressive weekend against the Razorbacks, sophomore pitcher David Parkinson's impressive weekend on the mound and more before Tuesday's practice.

On David Parkinson's weekend against Arkansas: “I think it’s not a surprise that he pitched well and can do that. He was recruited to do that. It wasn’t like he did anything wrong, the other guys just pitched a little better than he did in the fall and early spring, so we made a decision to go with some other guys. We’re excited the way he’s pitched out of the bullpen, the opportunity came, he pitched last Saturday, and did well. In all honesty, I think he can pitch better than that."

On Brady Bramlett’s first SEC win of the season: “We got to week three and he hadn’t won. It’s tough to do well in this league if you don’t win on Friday. So that was a big boost."

On bats heating up against Arkansas: "It’s amazing to me that we continue to talk about the pitching, but the whole weekend was about the offense. We scored a lot of runs and really swung the bats well. That’s probably the biggest difference this weekend, we really swung."

On Parkinson switching from a curve ball to slider since coming to Ole Miss: “I think he actually threw both a curve and a slider, and we just kind of morphed them together. It’s one of those where I don’t think he had a lot of confidence in either breaking ball. I think what happened is when we started going more to a slider, he gained more confidence and it just became a better pitch."

If anyone stood out specifically on offense: “I think we kind of swung it throughout the lineup. It was nice to see Will Golsan start to heat up a little bit, as well as Errol. Some of those guys that maybe everybody expected, or the guys in the beginning of the season that were the main names of the offense that got off to a somewhat slow start. Errol and Will, those guys are starting to swing it well. Errol’s had multiple hits in five straight games. Will, I thought had a really good weekend, especially on Sunday. Tate has been probably the most consistent guy from the beginning of the season. Lartigue’s really swinging it. I think that’s what makes you a good offense. You gotta have some guys in the middle than can produce, and we’ve been able to do that."

On using Wyatt Short as a closer: “I had every intention and will again this week on Friday and Saturday. If Wyatt’s needed he will close the game. It’s very unusual for you to not be able to use him. Usually it’s a bad thing. Not usually are you winning the first two games, but because you have such a lead he doesn’t even warm up. He was close. In each game we were a few hitters from him having to get up, but then it changes. If he gets up he probably gets in the game, and we probably go with Johnson on Sunday."

On using Andy Pagnozzi two days after his arrest: “It was handled internally. The punishment has already been decided, so it didn’t have anything to do with games.”

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