Ole Miss will face Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. CT for the final midweek game of the season

Ole Miss head baseball coach Mike Bianco talked the Rebels' strong performance against LSU, NCAA regionals and more before practice on Tuesday.

By: Kate Robison 

Q: Tell us about this weekend’s series against LSU.

Bianco: It was a big weekend for us. We played well. I think the biggest significance was that we played well against a really good team. A team that’s not only ranked, good RPI, got a lot of respect in our league and around the country. We needed a weekend like that. 

Q: Seems like you all had more people hit well consistency in that series than I had been seeing. 

Bianco: Think it was one of our best weekends offensively. one. We were really consistent throughout the three games. The second game we faced Alex Lange and he is really good. I thought we really had a good night against him. He didn’t walk anybody, they didn’t make any errors. He maybe walked one guy. He was on. He had his good stuff. To beat the ace’s you know the other team they don’t give you much so you have to try to bunch some hits together and then the other way to beat them is to match up well against them on the mound. Your guys gotta pitch well and you’ve got to play defense. Make it one of those low scoring games and we didn’t do that on the other side. That was the biggest culprit on that game. We didn’t pitch well enough, good enough defense to keep us in the game to where maybe you let the bullpens win it or lose it. We never really got there. We were there for a little bit, but not really close enough. It was 4-3 and it really should have been… I thought offensively we played well enough to win. I know that sounds bad since we only had three runs but I think it would have been a different ball game if we would have played better defensively and on the mound because one they would have gotten to their bullpen. 

Q: 21-3 on non conference games. Year removed from being a .500 ball club. What is the reason? Maturity? 

Bianco: Experience. Does that mean because you're better? You're older? I think that has something to do with it. We pitched better. I think last year there were times when we beat some good teams and some teams that weren't very good. There was blame to go around. The biggest thing is you have to pitch. In baseball you have to pitch. That's the constant. I think the experience the maturity. James McArthur has had a lot to do with that in the middle of the week and you're talking about 4 weekends where we pitched very well. We won here against Louisville that second weekend by pitching and I think we're a better team than we were a year ago. 

Q: Do y'all talk about regional hosting this late in the season? 

Bianco: It's a goal. Something that we talk about a lot in the off season- goals. Why you're lifting & why you're doing all that you're doing. Keeping them motivated. I think once of the biggest things is the process. It's almost like you say these are the goals & you see to accomplish them you need too. Host a regional those types of things. You can't really focus on that. What you gotta focus on is a quality at bat. Quality pitching. Making plays in the field. Not thinking about standings. One of the keys is not thinking about that. Not thinking about standings. Each year I coach it becomes more and more difficult. There's more media coverage. So much more in tune with it. You gotta play well and win the games here at the end. It's good we're in a position to do that. 

Question: Have you spoke to anyone about the NCAA memo that was posted last week. That state laws could hinder Ole Miss from hosting a regional. 

Bianco: It caught me off guard when I was asked about it last week. So to answer your question. No. 

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