No.29 ranked defensive end picks Ole Miss

Bryan Jones out of Baton Rouge, LA., gave the Rebels a happy mother's day commitment.

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"I've just had Ole Miss in my heart the whole time," Jones said. I was waiting on the right moment. I talked it over with my mother and decided to go ahead and do it on mother's day."

The family quickly called the Rebel defensive line coach, Chris Kiffin, after coming to a decision.

"I called coach Kiffin. I told him I was ready to join the family. He was shocked. He asked if I were serious and said you got to be kidding me. I told him I wasn't. I was ready to be a Rebel. Coach Kiffin was so happy. He said I just made his wife's mother's day too. Everyone was just really excited. I'm going to call coach (Hugh) Freeze in the (Monday) morning to let him know. It was after 10:00 p.m. so it wasn't a good time for me to call him. Coach Kiffin said I was going to make coach Freeze's day as well."

The 6-foot-4 1/2, 240-pound defensive end held offers from the likes of Texas, Texas A&M, Southern Cal, Tennessee, Arizona State, Miami, Nebraska and many more. What made Ole Miss the best fit for Jones?

"They have followed me closely throughout the recruiting process. Coach Kiffin is a very cool dude. He was always keeping Ole Miss on my mind. I would sit down with my family and just go over where my recruitment stood with everyone, and we would always come back to Ole Miss. First of all they have the best defensive line coach in America as far as I'm concerned with coach Kiffin. I love how he lets his ends attack the quarterback and the way their defenses attack the top offenses in the SEC. They have always caught my eye with their Landshark defense. They look like they are having more fun than everyone else. It's just different than everybody else's defenses. They use their best players and put them in position to make plays."

Bryan has been leaning towards Ole Miss for months now.

"Things really started heating up with Ole Miss in February. I started liking them about two months ago. That was my school. Their staff made sure I was straight everyday. I would send them a text and they would tell me to call them. We would just start talking about life and everything but football. They would always talk to my mother and the rest of my family. Everyone was on the same page that Ole Miss was the right school for our family. I have been thinking about committing to them since late February, to be truthful. I love how they are always checking on my grades and family. I know they are going to take care of me when I get there. My mom does too."

What did Ole Miss like about Jones?

"They like my body and love my film. Coach Kiffin came over here to watch me practice last week. He couldn't talk to me while he was there, but I called him that night, and he was telling me I was a perfect fit for his defense. He likes how long I am, and how explosive I am off the ball. He told me that they need someone to get after the quarterback, and I was a perfect fit. That's when I really started thinking about going ahead and committing to them."

The Rebels are also recruiting Madison Preparatory Academy's star hoop player, Josh Anderson.

"We haven't been talking about recruiting, but he's a very cool guy. Josh is a great basketball player. He likes Ole Miss as well, but we haven't been talking recruiting lately."

Bryan led his school to a 11-1-1 record last season. He collected 66 tackles and 16 sacks on the season.

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